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DIY Moving Tips

When it comes to moving, there aren't too many choices for you to make. It's either you do it yourself, or you hire the professionals. As they each have their perks and drawbacks, which variant you decide on ultimately depends on budget and preference. If you have the extra money allocated specifica... more

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How to Avert Damages While You Move

Imagine this: you have just bought your first home and are all set and packed up -- ready to transport items into your new home. As you or the movers begin to move a dresser upstairs into the master bedroom, there's a slight fumble... a corner slips out from underneath someone's hand. Your eyes grow... more

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Fragile Items You Shouldn't Pack Yourself

When it comes to packing your most fragile and valuable possessions, the best way to avoid damage is by letting professional packers handle the task. Read on for a list of delicate, valuable or irreplaceable items you should consider letting the movers pack for your relocation.   China. Often a... more

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