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Avoid These Mistakes When Building Your New Home

Is there anything more satisfying than walking through the door of a new home that you helped design? On the other hand, staring down at a blank floor map can lead to a plethora of questions, headaches, and regrets. When building a home you have the chance to build a space that's perfect for you and... more

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2017 Resolutions for Homeowners

New year, new you. The new year always invites all sorts of resolutions, some of them attainable, many of them impractical and stress-inducing. But changes needn’t be big or difficult to be life-altering. Here are simple home–related New Year’s resolutions you can make for 2017 tha... more

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Tips for Moving out During Christmas

Christmas is the time for cheer and joy. The smell of warm cups of hot cocoa permeate the air, a florescent display of multi-coloured lights decorate the neighborhourhood, and gifts line the base of Christmas trees. It is a season of giving and merry that few traditions can match. Believe it or not,... more

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