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Flight Attended Refuses to Let 2-Year-Old Use Wash Room

Flights have been becoming more unpleasant as time progresses. The issues with overbooking flights is becoming more and more frequent. And now they are not letting toddlers use the closest washroom? Where does it end?! On a return flight from Nova Scotia to Calgary in May, Stacy Osmond and her gran... more

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Summer Fun in Canada!

It's that time of year where you need to venture out to the great beyond. And if you're running out of ideas on how to spend your next summer vacation, I have you covered. The thing that makes Canada so amazing is all the places to explore. Take in within its vast forests, heavenly landscapes, and s... more

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Better Know a Province: Nova Scotia

Considering a move to Nova Scotia? Do you already live there? Now may be the time to brush up on your knowledge of the maritime province, especially if you plan on relocating there.Named in 1621, Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin and is referred to as Alba Nuadh in Scottish Gaelic.While Nova S... more

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