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Decorating Your Dorm Room

Personalizing your university dorm room can be hard to do when there are so many rules you have to adhere to. For instance keeping the walls white, or not being able to hang pictures because they put holes in the wall or not being able to hang lights. These rules seem silly, but if you don't stick t... more

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Transform a Room into an Office

Procrastination, creative block, distraction — these productivity killers can pop up at anytime and put a damper on a good work day. Quite often, it’s our surroundings that cause the production train to derail. Maybe your space is cluttered, you feel uncomfortable, or you’re magnet... more

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How to Make a Room Feel Bigger

We would all love to have big lavish rooms for each of our needs but that can sometimes be an unattainable goal. Even if you have some rooms that are on the smaller side, there are ways to make them feel bigger without any major construction. Here are some tips to help make a small room feel much la... more

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