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Crazy Ways to Sell Your Home That Actually Work!

No matter how amazing your home is and how easy it should be to sell it, the real estate market is tricky and competitive. Sometimes, you need to get creative to make your house the most desirable one out there. Daring homeowners and real estate agents have tried these off-beat ways to put houses on... more

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The Homeowner's Conundrum: Buy or Sell First?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? It's a question that is often asked and  never clearly answered. For homeowners, this is how it feels when selling your home and buying a new one. Which comes first, the buying or the selling?  Whose market is it anyway? According to some realtors, ... more

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Shoot Perfect Listing Photos with Your iPhone

Last week, we wrote about how to write a great listing for your home. Of course, a great listing isn't complete without compelling photos to go along with it. The smartphone has become an indispensable life tool - like for shooting photos for your listing.    There are more than one millio... more

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