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Winter or Spring?

Believe it or not, moving in the winter has proven to be easier, cheaper, and more convenient than any other season. Spring has always been the best season to list your home, because buyers are more likely to look at your home; gardens are in full bloom, and nothing is cold and dead. So while it ma... more

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Warm Up Your House For The Winter

It's safe to say winter is officially gone, and spring is here to stay! While you no longer have to deal with the frigid weather, it doesn't mean you can't prepare for the next winter. In fact, this is probably the perfect time to prepare; the weather is warm enough to prep the outside of your house... more

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The Winter-Ready Home

Winter is here, snow has fallen, and you're wondering if you have made your home winter ready. Even if you haven't, the good news is that you may still prepare for the next couple of months to come. Let's face it, the winters here can be quite brutal, and to be caught unprepared can have detrimental... more

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