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Are you aware of the stress involved in moving??? I am sure you are. But there is one easy way to overcome this. Look for the right person for this job. Your search ends, no doubt, in a reputed moving company. A little research work on the Moving Companies will ensure better results. Ask your friends and relatives about the Moving Companies and prepare a whole list of names that they recommend. You can also contact organizations like Better Business Bureau to get a detailed description of the movers.

Well!! If you are still not satisfied then, just a little more assurance for yourself, you can always ask certain questions to the Moving Company. The primary purpose of these questions is to retain some peace of your mind, as you are actually transferring your possessions to a person completely unknown to you. We provide a checklist to ensure that you are on the right way.

The Basic Questions To Begin With:

  • Does the Moving Company provide you with any pamphlets or written documents declaring the customers as well as the Moving Companies’ Rights, Responsibilities and Liabilities for Any Loss or Damage of Your Things?
  • Is the Moving Company Insured? If yes, get the name of the Insurance Company and also try to get the policy number.
  • Do the equipments used for moving belong to the Moving Company or a sub-contractor or another company?
  • If the company is using the equipments of a sub-contractor or another company, then make sure who will be providing the service after the move
  • See if the original company has an affiliated van or it uses the van of the sub-contractors.
  • Does the van provide adequate secure facilities in case the belongings are to be left on the van overnight?
  • Does the company use the right vehicle designed for Moving and Storing household goods?
  • Does the company have Storage Area? Who is the owner of the Storage Area?
  • Does the company have a Workers’ Compensation Board Certificate?
So, now when you are sure about the reliability of the Moving Company, it’s time for you to look for an approximate estimation of your moving charges. The best way to get estimation is through Moving Quotes. Before you go directly into quotes, here is a list of things that you can follow to ensure that you have made a wise deal:

Looking For An Estimate:

  • Does the dealer want to have a look to your belongings before estimating any quotes? If no, you better deal with other companies.
  • Show everything that needs to be moved to the mover.
  • Find out how much it will cost if you add any item on the day of the move.
  • Inform the movers about obstacles like staircases and escalators beforehand so that they can do the arrangements required in such special navigations.
  • Make special arrangements for goods that require special attention, like Pianos, Art & Antique and Electronics.
  • Get the estimates and all other assurances, including the delivery date in writing to avoid any complications in the future.
  • Check that the estimate is given on the letter head of the company clearly stating the name of the company, telephone number and address.
  • If you are moving outside the country, make sure to get the name and address of the moving agents handling the move at the destination.
  • For a local move the company provides you with the number of hours it will require to complete the move. Ensure that.
  • You can negotiate but never opt for price that is quite lower than others. This could be an indication for sub-standard service.
  • Beware of the moving companies those who accept cash payments or let go of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) as they often turn out to be immoral and unscrupulous.
Get hold of some more information to make your move hassle free. In order to do so, you need to concentrate on some more details. Following is a list of such items:

Check Out For More Details:

  • The first thing that you should look for is the person who is responsible for packing. Know about the liabilities if you do the packing on your own.
  • Consult the person responsible for packing before using just about any boxes.
  • Ask them whether all the boxes will be sealed and labeled.
  • Inquire if you require any Licenses or Custom Documents, in case you need to cross a border.
If you do, ask them who will prepare them.

  • Is there any seasonal rate or any other factor that might affect the charge of the move?
  • In case you need to deposit any money, clarify whether it is refundable or not and also clarify about the modes of payments.
  • Have a clear knowledge about the terms and conditions of protecting your goods under the mover’s Replacement Value Protection.

Replacement Value Protection:

  • Do you have an Insurance Policy that covers no less than “All Risks: Coverage”? If yes, check with your Moving Company for Replacement Value Protection.
  • Make sure that you either have your own Insurance Policy or have the Moving Company’s Replacement Value Protection.

Finally, On The Move Day:

  • You should be ready when the movers arrive. Be ready with everything as the company charges at an hourly rate for the time they have to wait.
  • Be ready to move as soon as the movers arrive.
  • Book the elevator of the new apartment, if any and inform the building manager.
  • Arrange for the street parking beforehand, if necessary.
  • Supervise the loading and unloading to check if anything gets damaged.
  • Any damage must be reported immediately to the moving companies.
  • The claims should be made within 30 Days for the Local Move and within 60 Days for Long Distance Move.
  • Take a walk around your whole premises once the loading is complete to see if anything is left behind.
  • Carry your personal confidential documents with yourself.
  • Get a back up for your computer data and carry the data and the computer with you.
  • Carry all your valuables like, jewelries, artworks, prescriptions with you.
  • Do not forget to make special arrangements for perishables like foods, plants.
  • Do not forget your pets. Make sure that you also make some appropriate arrangements for them too.
  • Once the unloading is done take another walk through the premises, and the moving vehicle to ensure that everything has been unloaded.
So you are here in your new home. Enjoy your stay!!!

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