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Moving Companies in Northwest Territories and Relocation Services


With the multiple listings of Moving Companies Northwest Territories, we help you to make a correct choice in hiring the Moving Company for your upcoming move. We screen all Northwest Territories Moving Companies in each and every area of Northwest Territories to ensure a successful move for you. Moving Companies in Northwest Territories, NT listed with us are Licensed, insured and dedicated to provide the best of Moving Services and guarantee the customers' satisfaction. We also provide the moving solutions that help your move from Northwest Territories go smoothly.

The Northwest Territories Moving Companies provide you with plenty of moving tips, packing guides and other Moving Services to help you through your Northwest Territories move. Make the most use of our website to ensure an easy move and reduce stress during Packing and Moving. The teams of such Professional Moving Companies Northwest Territories, NT are experienced in their relevant fields and can help you through every aspect of your move.

Fill the search box, to find Northwest Territories Moving Companies. You will receive multiple free moving quotes from moving companies Northwest Territories, NT.

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About Northwest Territories

The region of Northwest Territories is blessed with the picturesque beauty and is a treasure trove for adventure lovers. The region is quite a popular tourist destination; many visitors visit the region to witness the famed aurora borealis, a naturally occurring display of bright lights in the sky. During the summer months the region lives up to the name of being “Land of the Midnight Sun” as the sun that rises in may does not set until end of July.

As of July 2011, the territory had a total labor force of 25,200, of which 23,200 were employed and the rate of employment was 72.3%, with a participation rate of 78.5%. As of July 2011 2,100 people were unemployed in Northwest Territories and the rate of unemployment during same period was 8.3%. 40% of the Northwest Territories residents aged over 15 years, are engaged in hunting, fishing, trapping and traditional harvesting activities.

Apart from producing and exporting gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum, Northwest Territories is a major producer of wild fur in the world. The marten fur from the region is of very high quality, next only to the Russian sable. Muskoxen are also harvested for their meat and fur. The meat is sold to high class restaurants, while the fur is of great use to textile industry.

Under the guidelines of Canada Health Act, all the residents of Northwest Territories have universal access to general physician and hospital services depending on the need of people irrespective of their ability to pay. Under the Health Care Plan every resident gets a health care card and a personal health care number that enables the residents to avail the heath care services in the Northwest Territories.

Department of Education, Culture and Employment is the nodal territorial agency that is in charge of secondary education in the region. Aurora College is the only post secondary public educational institution in the region. The region also is served by 2 career colleges, the academy of learning situated at Yellowknife offering business information technology courses and great slave helicopters flight training centre offering helicopter pilot training program.

The cultural landscape of the North West Territories is full of entertaining festivals; The Indian Summer Daze is a community festival with songs, dance and games. The Inuvik Heritage Festival celebrates the Inuvik aboriginal cultural heritage of the region. Hay River Fall Fair is a fair aimed at encouraging arts and crafts. The territory also organizes annual arts week a free event held at Prince of Wales, Northern Heritage Center among several local festivals and fairs.

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