The Three Worst Reasons to Move

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Bad Reasons for Moving

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Here on, we give you all kinds of advice on how to move and what to do in certain moving situations. But what if you shouldn't move? Are you moving for all the wrong reasons? There are several good reasons for moving and our resources can help make the process much easier for you than if you go it alone. But no amount of advice or resources can help your move go well when the decision to move in the first place is ill-advised.
If you're early in the moving decision process, take a minute to see if one of the primary reasons why you are moving falls into this list of the top three worst reasons for moving. If it does, you may need to reconsider.

3. You come in to a large sum of money and figure, 'Why not? Hawaii looks nice' (You want to act/look rich)

Moving is not to be taken lightly. If you win the lottery, gain some inheritance, or receive a big promotion at the job, the temptation to spend a lot of money is great. Moving is not always the best way to spend your new-found wealth.

After procuring a large sum of money, you may think yourself too rich for your old house, but unless the house or neighbourhood is in some way below your needs, moving is not a terribly good idea. If you want your house to better reflect your wealth, you can simply renovate. This will add value to your home and let you make more money if you move in the future. Perhaps you should do that first before you move and see if you still want to move when the job is done.

It is important to remember that the cost of moving is far more than financial. You will need to do a great deal of work in planning, packing, calling movers, and moving your family to the new location. The move will place stress on anyone living with you and anyone who is your friend.

The final part of this bad idea is the notion of moving to a vacation area like Hawaii without giving it much thought. Living in a vacation spot is different than vacationing there. Don't just assume a place is paradise because of a vague reputation it has. You should never move to an area without researching the exact area you plan on moving extensively. There are bad parts of every vacation destination and there also are drawbacks to living in them year-round.

2. You're living at home and decide that you hate your parents after a fight (You want to grow up faster than your maturity level)

This is a controversial one because many people may encourage you to move in this situation. Living with your parents is usually done for financial reasons. As you grow older, they may start to resent you if you are mooching off of them and not contributing financially to the household. Meanwhile, you will strive for more independence as an adult and butt heads with your parents who still own the place where you live while you do not. It may be time to move, but don't do it when you throw a tantrum and get in a fight with them. You're mooching off of them because you can't afford to move. They only want you to move out so you can predictably fall flat on your face and come back to them, humbled.

Moving out on your own takes financial independence and a level of maturity. You need to be ready to move out both emotionally and physically, and chances are if you are doing it just to spite your parents, you aren't mature enough to pull it off.

1. You want to move in with the love of your life whom you met six weeks ago (You're moving for unproven "love" and not logic)

Love is a strong emotion. It can make you do stupid things. The number one bad reason for moving is to live with a significant other. Of course, there is a right time to do this. Not every couple who moves in together is moving for a bad reason. But there are so many ways that this can go wrong that you better be sure of a lot of things before you go ahead with it.
  • You plan on loving each other forever...right? The only reasons to move in together is to get used to living together the rest of your life. That's the level of commitment needed for a move in to be successful. You have to know that the relationship is strong and will likely last, otherwise you could end up trapping yourself in an awkward situation for financial reasons. Very few people can afford to freely move in and out of places on a whim. Who keeps the place when you break up? Who gets the shared items? Breaking up during co-habitation is a nightmare, so it is best to be avoided at all costs.
  • Were you really ready to see that other side of your partner? Moving in too soon can have major negative impacts on a relationship almost immediately. Sharing a bathroom will break couples who aren't already fairly comfortable with each other. You better hope you can agree on things like decor, food, TV choices, and sleeping hours. It is tough to adjust to the living habits of another person. Your love will be tested.
  • Does the move compromise either partner's career or life goals too much? Usually when young people move in together, they neglect to think about all the ramifications of a move. If one partner is forgoing college to be in the same town as the other partner, that's nice, but maybe not the best idea if she ever plans on making money herself. Love is more important than money, but you better be certain it really is love if it's going to cost you money.
Is your decision to move based on something more than these three common bad reasons? If so, you probably have a good reason to move. Head to to get quotes and more advice on your move to continue your string of good decisions.

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on June 30, 2014 - Moving Expert
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