How to Avoid Making Common Apartment Moving Mistakes

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Common Apartment Moving Mistakes

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Moving into an apartment can be an economical and simplified alternative to buying a home, but that doesn't mean it isn't without its own challenges. There are many mistakes that you can make when moving into an apartment. Whether you are downsizing from a house or getting your first place on your own, be sure to avoid making these apartment moving mistakes.

Having too many things

Apartments are almost always smaller than houses. If you are moving to your first apartment, it is likely that the space you are allowed is even smaller than what you had at your parent's home. Even if you are an adult looking to move, the lack of space in an apartment can surprise you. You always should purge yourself of excess possessions when moving, but it is even more important when you're moving into an apartment. 

Here are some tips for lightening your load:
  • Sort through all of your things well before moving day.
  • If you find anything that you haven't used within the last two years, consider letting it go.
  • Sell odds and ends at a garage sale to make some money.
  • Donate old clothing.
  • Sell any old VHS, DVDs, or video games that you don't want. There is a stronger market for retro games and movies than you may think and the internet is the best way to find these buyers.
  • You could give some items to friends or family.
  • Anything that seems worthless to everybody can be thrown out or recycled.
  • If you don't have the time to sort though everything before the move, you could rent a storage facility to put the majority of your items in while the necessities are moved into your apartment. This can be expensive but it is a plausible last resort if you were unprepared.

Not preparing

You may make the mistake of thinking that a move into an apartment should be easy and therefore it won't need any preparation. That's just not true. Here are some things you need to do well before you can move into a new apartment:
  • Make sure the unit is acceptable. You can read stats and talk to people all you want, but until you see the room in person, you can't know if it is worth renting.
  • Contact the landlord and negotiate a lease. The landlord is always a complication when renting an apartment. You're going to want to meet him and understand what he expects of you as a tenant before you move in.
  • Make an inventory of the items that will be included in the unit. To know what to pack, you need to know what you need. You don't need two toasters.
  • Budget the move, including travel expenses and hiring a moving company.
  • Budget what it will cost to live in the apartment for the first month. Consider rent, utilities, the moving expenses, the security deposit, tenant insurance, and any other insurance or loans that you have to pay. Can you afford this move?

Not coordinating with your roommates

Most apartment-dwellers are trying to save money. That often means that the apartment is shared with a roommate. But just agreeing to live with someone is not enough, you need to plan the moving and living arrangements. Figure out the following with your roommate before the move:
  • Who is bringing what? You can avoid bringing redundant items by coordinating with your roommate.
  • Are you going to be good roommates? You should have some common interests and not have clashing personalities.
  • Any special requests? Does your roommate have allergies to certain things? Will he constantly have his girlfriend over? It is good to know these things before moving in together.

Forgetting your first night

You may have packed everything up tightly, but chances are you won't be able to unpack all of your things during your fist night at the apartment. That could present a problem when you have no bedding, clothing, or toiletries. The solution? Make a first night box. This box should be labelled, always accessible, and contain the following:
  • Bedding
  • Toothbrush
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Other toiletries
  • Seep clothes
  • Next morning's clothes
  • Daily medications
  • Anything else you can't go a day without
As long as you prepare and use some common sense, you can avoid these common apartment moving mistakes. Get a head start on your move and contact a moving company right away.

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on October 22, 2014 - Moving Expert
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