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Common Reasons for Moving

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The phenomenon of globalization has contracted the world and altered our perception of time and space. Things like affordable air travel, satellite technology, and the rise of global corporations have transformed the world into a global village, which means events at one part of the world have an immediate effect on the rest of it.
Relocation has become an important aspect of life under present circumstances. It has been dictated by "quality of life" and "cost of living" factors. The former includes such things as climate, crime rate, schools, friends and family, while the latter is comprised of career, moving expenses, and real estate.

You can find an exploration of some common reasons for moving below.

Social reasons

Different stages in our life bring about varying challenges and opportunities. Marriage and family constitute just one of these stages.
  • Relocation is anticipated when people find their significant other and move in together
    • One person can move in with the other or they might both want to start life in a new place
  • The breakdown of a marriage could also call for relocation for one or both parties
  • As families grow they may require a larger home
  • Families may also relocate to take care of a sick relative
    • Out of boredom
    • To explore greener pastures
    • Because the crime rate has risen in the area and it is undesirable to live there
    • They want to move closer to libraries, transit stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc.
    • Children have the opportunity to be in a better school system

Education reasons

Education can also be an important trigger for people to move to different places. The trend has been that children have been moving out of their parents' house immediately after completing high school graduation to join college or the workforce.

As the kids leave, parents tend to migrate to smaller, more manageable accommodations whereas before they tended to move to places near better schools.

Employment reasons

In these times where downsizing is the trend, one may find oneself moving to places where one finds work.

Moving for employment reasons include:
  • Moving to find another job
  • Relocating to find a different job
  • Looking for a better paying job
  • A job transfer
  • The corporation or business is moving offices
In some of these cases (such as a job transfer), the cost of moving, the initial stay in the new area and creating the paperwork for international relocation is often taken care of by the company.

Economic reasons

As we climb up the ladder in our careers we aspire to get bigger homes with more luxuries. An increase or decrease in standard of living will definitely have a person relocating to change their way of life.
  • Better job prospects could have people settling down
  • More money means an opportunity to buy property
  • More money leads to boredom which leads to a desire for new things
  • Vacation homes could become full-time residences to save on expenses
  • Extended unemployment could lead to expanding job hunting locations
  • A foreclosed home could force the residents into a different area


Another rising trend in the moving demographic is the migration of the baby boomer generation to retirement communities. People who are affected by debilitating diseases and need professional care tend to move to an assisted living facility.

Research has found that on an average, people move at least seven times during their adult lives. From the prospects of finding better vistas, to adventure and excitement in life, there are many reasons for relocation. Some of them just happen to be planned with precision while others temporarily take us away from what we have planned.

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on January 15, 2013

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