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Create a Reading Nook

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If reading is an important part of your life, then creating a reading nook in your new home is the perfect DIY project after you move.

A reading nook is a quiet, cozy place to curl up and read your favourite book, magazine or even some IKEA assembly instructions. Your own reading nook is a perfect place to do anything that requires some peace and quiet. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Find the space

The first thing you'll need to do is find a space in your home or apartment to create your reading nook. You may need to rearrange some furniture to open up a bit of floor space, but soon enough you'll see a spot that's perfect for what will soon become your reading nook. 

You'll need a space that's away from loud and distracting noises, if you are lucky enough to have a spare closet or even an apartment balcony you could easily transform one of those areas into a reading nook. 


Depending on the area you've chosen for your reading nook, you're likely going to need a chair or someplace comfy to sit while you thumb through your favourite reading material. 

When it comes to comfortable seating, the sky is the limit! Find something that suits your style and your budget with a repurposed chair from your living room, buy something new or even something new to you from a thrift store. If you end up buying something from a thrift store, be sure to clean it as best as possible so that you won't be worried about that musty thrift store smell. 

If you're transforming an unused closet or just the corner of a room, you can put down a few cushions and pillows to create a warm and inviting reading area that's also comfortable for those longer reading adventures. 


You've always heard that it's not good to read in the dark - we firmly believe that's a true sentiment. Every good reading nook needs some lighting, so whether it's a hanging chandelier or a small desk lamp, make sure you have plenty of light to read your favorite stories. 

A floor lamp with a directional arm is a good option because you can position it can offer a lot of light without the need for a table if you're low on space. 


If you're going to be creating a reading nook within your living room or bedroom, you might want to take the extra step and actually section it off from the rest of the room with curtains or even a bookshelf.

Curtains will add some much needed privacy or a feeling of seclusion that will allow you to really dive into your next book. If you can't hang curtains, creating a "wall" with a piece of furniture is a simple and inexpensive alternative. 

As your book collection grows you can adjust the size of your nook based on your needs. And if you're making a reading nook for your kids, you can transform a story time nook into a homework nook with the addition of a desk. 

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on July 23, 2015 - Moving Expert
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