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During Your Move to Canada Checklist

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Canada is known for its immigrant-friendly culture. It is also known to be one of the most positive places on Earth.  If you're moving into Canada, you just have to keep track of a few things in order to make the transition work.

After you've prepared yourself for the move with all of the necessary visa, passport and residency information, you're ready to tackle these following tasks during your move to Canada:
  • Open a Canadian bank account: This is the fastest and easiest way to transfer your funds to Canada from your previous country. If you can do this before or during your move, it will save you time later and give you the chance to have some money as soon as you enter Canada.
  • Have your passport and visa information handy: You will need to show these to border authorities upon entry into Canada. Make sure all members of your family have valid passports with them.
  • Bring any educational, work, or medical information with you: You may be asked to provide some of this information to confirm your residency arrangement in Canada. This will also be helpful in applying for employment, getting medical coverage, transferring your medical history, transferring schools, and getting equivalent job certifications that you may have had in your old country. 
  • Bring roughly six month's worth of medication: Canada's famous universal healthcare doesn't kick in for 90 days when you move there. Buying new medication in Canada would be very expensive and the brands may be different, as well. Until you get settled in with a Canadian healthcare service and a Canadian doctor, you should probably use any old healthcare and medicine that you have.
  • Carry the Bill of Lading and your moving inventory with you: You probably hired movers to get your belongings to Canada. Obviously you can't travel with them, so you need to meet them in Canada, and that is where your inventory and Bill of Lading are important. It lets you claim your items and file claims against the moving company if anything is lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Submit a list of shipped items to customs: In order to pick up your shipment, you will need your complete inventory listed and submitted to customs. This will likely arrive later than you do, so you have a little bit of time to settle without your shipment. Hopefully you were prepared to live without those items for some time.
  • Unpack your personal belongings in your new home: You will be traveling with some light luggage no matter what, so that is going to take some time to unpack. When you unpack these personal items, remember to leave room in your home foreverything you are still waiting for in your international shipment.
  • Transfer your funds to your newly created Canadian bank account: You are often required to submit some proof that you can support yourself as an immigrant to Canada. Your Canadian bank account will be the easiest way to do this.
  • Convert your currency into Canadian dollars: This can also be done at your new Canadian bank. Hopefully you researched which banks are good for your needs and available near your new residence.
  • Apply for a Permanent Residency Card if you plan on leaving Canada as a permanent resident: If you were allowed to move into Canada as a permanent resident, you're expected to stay there for the amount of time stipulated in your visa. Leaving Canada can complicate things and may cause you to be denied re-entry unless you have a permanent residency card. This card is optional and easy to obtain once you are settled in Canada, but it is necessary if you plan on making trips out of the country while you are living in Canada.
  • Try to learn English and/or French: The official languages of Canada are English and French, and you will have difficulty moving and living in Canada without understanding either language. If you are just barely getting by, try to arrange for some classes in one of the languages after everything else is settled.
  • Research the area surrounding your new home: Canada has a lot to offer. It is quite a diverse country, in its culture, entertainment options and its people. Be sure that you understand where in Canada you are going to be living and the local culture there. Toronto is not exactly the same as Quebec. 

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on August 18, 2014 - Moving Expert
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