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Furnishing Your First Home

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Whether you’re moving from an apartment or moving out for the first time, furnishing your first home can feel overwhelming.  If you’re moving from an apartment, you may not have enough furniture to furnish a whole house. And if you’re moving out for the first time, you probably have very little furniture to decorate with. But with these tips, you should be able to furnish your first home in no time and save money on the way.

Set a budget

Unless money is no issue to you, you should try and create a budget. Since this is your first home, you’re going to need a lot of furniture. If you set a budget, it’ll give you boundaries on your wallet and keep you from buying frivolous things.  When you set the budget, buy the major items first and then look around a bit for more décor. 


Don’t let a small factor such as colour change your mind about a piece of furniture. A simple coat of paint can go a long way.  It can give life to old pieces and make your new house personalized. Even if you decide to do just an accent wall instead of the whole room, your home will still have a personalized touch. Paint is very affordable and even if you don’t like the colour, you can simply paint over it. 

Buy secondhand

Buying brand new items is nice, but it can become expensive quickly. Also, your tastes will change. It’s better to buy a cheaper secondhand item so you won’t feel so bad if you change your mind. Secondhand furniture pieces have a lot of history behind them and could make for great conversation pieces. Usually secondhand furniture has been around for a while, so you'll know that the quality is still with these items.

Pace out your purchases

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your home shouldn’t be completely furnished in a day, either. Don’t buy a lot of cheap items that you’re just going to replace shortly. When you first move in, buy some good quality pieces. Most items you find at a thrift store are great quality and have lasted for decades, so it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Then each month, set aside a small budget to buy an item or two to fill it up. It’ll give you something to look forward to each month.


Before you make any major purchases, measure the furniture piece and the area you want to put it. You’ll be disappointed if you buy a great item only to take it home and it doesn’t fit. Measure everything twice before bringing it home. Also, make sure to measure your door openings. If you can’t fit it through your doors, it won’t make it into your house (unless you can break it down in smaller pieces first). It’s also a good idea to sketch a floor plan so you have a vision in your mind before buying anything.

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on June 21, 2016 - Moving Expert
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