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Getting Kids Adjusted to a New School

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Moving is difficult for the entire family, and no matter their age, children often have a hard time settling into new routines and a new school after a move. If your child is struggling to adjust to a new school, read on for our helpful tips.

Talk to your children about the new school 

It's important to talk to your child about how she is feeling throughout the moving process. She may not be having the easiest time coping and adjusting to the new school. All her friends are at her old school, with her favorite teachers, and now she have to start over.

If you notice your child is nervous about her new school and showing signs of anxiety, talk with her. Let her know that it's OK to be scared, but that she should also try and be brave when she arrives for her first day. Remind her that before she knows it, it will be as though she never was new at all! 

Take your kids to the new school 

Fear of the unknown is common and for your son or daughter, this school is entirely new territory for them. It's intimidating! If possible, take them to the new school before or during the moving process so they can begin to become acquainted with it. Because most family moves happen during the summer, in-between school years, it could be a perfect place for them to play as well and see what's in store for them during recess. Who knows, maybe a future classmate will be there and that would only benefit during the adjustment period. 

Get involved at your child's new school 

Getting involved in a parent organization at your child's new school will not only keep you in-the-know of what's happening at your child's school, but you'll also get to know some of the other parents and from there you'll be able to schedule play dates and get togethers. 

Try to keep home life the same 

Keeping your normal routines at home similar to those before the move will help everyone through the adjustment period after a move. If you read your son a book before bed each night and make your daughter hot cocoa in the morning, continue to do that. Those small and comforting daily activities will help them through this stressful time. 

Be patient with your son or daughter while they adjust 

It can be frustrating on both sides of the situation as your child adjusts to a new school. You're feeling frustrated because you aren't sure how to help him and he's frustrated because nothing is the same as it was. As you're both moving through this adjustment period, try to be patient. Be open to talking with your child about his feelings about school, about the move and anything else he may be experiencing. It will help him feel less alone and more supported. 

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on March 2, 2016 - Moving Expert
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