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Give Your Living Room a Makeover

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The living room in your home gets a lot of use and by now you may be tired of looking at the same four walls. They may be bland and beige with minimal decor and your couch may need some tender loving care.

Whatever the issue is, your living room could use a makeover from time to time, so here are some simple tips to give your living room a new look. 

Paint your walls 

Paint is an inexpensive way to add colour or texture to your walls. You can add a feature wall with a bold colour or paint a pattern with multiple colours in your living room. Either way, all you need is a bucket of paint and some time to spice up your living room. 

Add colour with accessories 

If you live in an apartment with strict rules about painting, adding colour throughout your living room with accessories can instantly brighten it up and change how the room feels overall. Pops of colour with pillows on your sofa or a new set of picture frames on the wall can make a world of difference to your living room. 

Hang photos in a gallery wall 

Gallery walls allow you to show off collections of photos without taking up mantel space or entire shelves -- plus they're not on your coffee table getting in the way of your coffee! If you want to hang a gallery wall in your living room, a good place to start is deciding which pictures you'd like to hang, then move on to sizes and shapes of picture frames. To keep it modern and truly like a gallery, use frames of all the same colour or shape with an even amount of space around each frame. 

TIP: Trace and cutout pieces of paper the same size as the picture frames so you can tape them to the wall and rearrange them as you see fit before making a final decision on placement. 

Rearrange the furniture 

Sometimes to get a fresh start in your living room, all you need is move a few things around. If you have enough space, why not play around with moving your furniture? Maybe the couch would look better next to the window for more light when you're reading, or the bookshelf might be easier to access on the other side of the door. Whatever your design dilemma, it could easily be fixed by rearranging the furniture. 

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on March 8, 2016 - Moving Expert
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