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Home Improvement Tips to Make Your House a Home

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A new home is usually the single largest investment in one's life and it's also a place of sanctuary where you spend quality time.

Home improvement projects can complete a transformation of your home from its present state to a place that reflects your wants, needs and desires.

Cleaning your home

A new home should be clean before the movers can settle your belongings. After arranging your furniture and unpacking, you will notice dust.

Before embarking on a cleaning process, keep all your cleaning supplies like gloves, sponges, dusting cloths, vacuum cleaner, grease remover and trash bags in one place where you'll have easy access to them.

TIP: It is usually a good practise to clean anything (including your house) from top to bottom and go from dry to wet cleaning.

Organizing your home

Living in one place for a long time leads to a build-up of disorganization. Moving to another place provides a fresh opportunity to get things organized and rid yourself of things that you no longer utilize. You can organize a garage sale or donate to charity the things that you no longer need.

The unpacking process

Unpacking at your new home can be a meticulous task, so it is advisable to take it one room at a time.
  • Designate certain places for certain belongings in your house
  • Arrange the necessary shelving before unpacking
  • Involve every member of the family in unpacking by assigning specific duties to each of them

Painting exteriors and interiors

Painting cleans walls gives an entirely refreshing look to your house. Different shades of colours add character to any room and make it look as if it has been redesigned.

One of the most common home improvement techniques is painting furniture and skirting boards, which adds a different dimension to a room. These days, eco-friendly paints are becoming popular due to their health and environmental benefits. They are as good as synthetic paints, but can sometimes take a longer time to dry.


Landscaping is the art of modifying the features of an area of land. Before hiring landscapers, you should consult with your building contractor to know if you require any permits.

Restructuring your yard by planting trees and bushes beautifies the space surrounding your house. A thriving garden in a backyard or front yard has many advantages, but it needs to be regularly maintained.

A patio or deck can be carved out of your yard space, or you can opt for the wooden deck with awning or a screened-in patio. These are good for barbecues during the summer.

Insulating your home

One of the most important home improvement techniques that can save you a lot of money and help save the environment too is insulating your home. Home insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also saves a lot of money on energy consumption.

Kitchen and bathroom renovation

Kitchen and bathrooms can be given an immediate facelift by installing new worktops, fittings and repainting cupboard doors.

Different bathrooms can be decorated with different themes like tropical rainforest, desert, or a Mediterranean style to give it a completely new look. Laminate worktops of good quality can instantly change the look of a kitchen.

Garage conversion

Garage conversion doesn't require any planning permission and will increase the size of your home during your home improvement project. You can also convert your garage into an office, children's playroom or a bedroom. An additional bit of plumbing work can get you an extra bathroom as well.

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on January 15, 2013 - Moving Expert
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