What You Need to Know About Living in Canada

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How to Adjust to Your Move in Canada

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Canada, with its diverse and multicultural settings, booming economy, superb education and healthcare system and absence of racial tensions, makes this country a dream destination for people looking to relocate.

Relocating to Canada is a massive task, so you must have a plan in place that clearly defines your goals along with a timeline before you can begin adjusting after your move.

Getting started

The first year after your move in is very difficult, as it will take time for you to find a new job, make new friends and finally the most important - get adjusted to the weather. Your strategy should be to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

It is a good practise to calculate approximately how much in expenses you and your family are going to incur in the form of rent/mortgage, starting a home, groceries, travel and other costs for the first six months and put it aside as a start-up fund.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, $10,000 to $15,000 has to be transferred when you move into the country. This amount is subject to variation depending on the size of your family.

With time, people overcome the Canadian experience hurdle and begin to adjust, find better paying jobs and discover new places for entertainment and shopping.

Canadian weather

Canada shares its borders with the Arctic, so the weather is different. Winters are bitterly cold, typically characterized by snow falling for months and subzero temperatures. To help you cope with this adjustment:
  • Weather-proof your car and house
  • Wear proper attire when outside
  • Consider setting up your home near the west coast where temperatures hardly go below zero and snow is a rarity

Adjusting to Canadian culture

Canada is a secular country respecting all religions and cultures. There are many aspects of the Canadian way of life that immigrants might find different from their culture. Exploring and understanding cultural differences is the first step you should take after your move.

However, it is not necessary to lose a sense of your identity or roots but an open mind and willingness to assimilate good things from a culture are needed. Enrolling oneself as a volunteer in a community is one good way to meet people. You should make a conscious decision to meet new friends.


The standard of education is very high in Canada. Schooling is free while college and university education are expensive. Immigrants can utilize special courses that are offered by institutions to fine-tune their skills in subjects that will in turn help them find better jobs.

Medical insurance

As part of healthcare in Canada, a health insurance plan card, or health card, is issued on payment of your monthly fee for insurance. These health insurance plans vary from province to province. You need to pay for dental care, prescription drugs and prescription glasses.

Relocation to another country for living, to work or to just retire can be a big decision and you need to plan every step of your move meticulously in order to adjust properly.

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on January 15, 2013

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