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How to Find Military Movers

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If you are being posted by the Canadian Armed Forces, finding a moving company that has experience with military moves is invaluable. Time is of the essence when relocating with the military, so a good mover can make a huge difference.

What should you look for in military movers?

It must be clarified that you don't need "military specific" movers for a military move. Very few, if any, moving companies devote themselves entirely to military personnel and most military movers are just regular moving companies that happen to have experience dealing with military moves.

The main reason why a moving company with experience moving service members is helpful is that there needs to be a fair amount of coordination with your transportation office. An experienced military mover also knows what documentation the government needs to see to pay for your move. If, for some reason, you can't get your military move covered by the government, some moving companies offer military discounts, as well.

In summary, good military movers:
  • Have stable, fair pricing
  • Keep good paperwork
  • Can coordinate with your transportation office
  • Offer discounts to CAF members when the government won't cover the whole move
  • Understand the increased time constraints of a military move

Where can you find them?

The easiest way to find a military mover is to have your transportation office do it for you. If you request the service, the office will contract a moving company to move your belongings to wherever you are posted. Usually the office has a few favourite go-to companies for their military moves. This means the movers should be experienced with moving service people, but it isn't a guarantee. Government offices are busy so sometimes they may just haphazardly choose any company for you.

If you want to choose your own moving company, you can. In most cases, the government will still cover the expenses of your move up to the rough estimate of what the move would have cost if they provided the movers for you.

To find your own military movers, you have to search for a good moving company like any other move. For the most part, if you can find a good moving company, it will also be a good military moving company. You can start your search in our own useful database of movers or simply search Google for "military movers". Just remember to perform background checks on any company you find. Every mover on this site is certified, but that isn't always the case if you use a general Google search.

When you find prospective moving companies you need to let them know what you need from them immediately.
  • Tell them that you are in the military
  • Ask if there are any military discounts
  • Ask if they have experience moving military members
  • Find out what certifications they hold
  • Ask that they include written, binding estimates
  • Stress that delays are not an option during a military relocation
If you are still unsure about a moving company's aptitude for military moves, you could look for customer reviews on the company. Look for past military customers.

Beyond online reviews, you could ask your peers in the military what moving company they used for their last posting. Military relocation is common enough that it shouldn't be too hard to find a recently moved service member who had a good experience with a moving company.

Being a member of the military is rarely easy, but if you use all the resources available to you, finding military movers can be.

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on November 12, 2014 - Moving Expert
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