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How to Find Professional Home Cleaners

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Cleaning your home is literally a chore. While some people enjoy a little house cleaning, you may want to hire professional cleaners for bigger jobs. Before and after a move are particularly good times to hire professional cleaners. You want your house to look the best it has in years for prospective buyers or you want your new home to be as clean as possible before you really settle into it.

Just like any service, there are good professional cleaners and there are bad ones. There are thieves and their are con artists, as well. You always need to be careful when letting strangers into your home. How do you find a good, trustworthy professional cleaning service?

Professional cleaning jobs

What exactly can professional cleaners do that you can't do on your own? If you want to spend the time and effort to do their job on your own, you can, but professionals usually will do it faster and better than you ever could. Here are some advantages of hiring professionals:

Access to and knowledge of all the appropriate cleaning chemicals: Professional cleaners are trained to match a stain and a surface to an appropriate cleaning chemical in an instant. Nothing replaces experience like that. They have access to industrial strength chemicals that you likely don't have, as well. Combining certain household chemicals can produce deadly gases, so it may be best to let the pros handle the chemicals. They also know what chemicals damage what surfaces.
Access to heavy cleaning machinery: Chances are you don't have a carpet steamer lying around. What about a ceiling scrubber? Professionals have all the tools necessary to do a big job quickly.

A team: Cleaning services usually include at least a handful of able workers. By their sheer numbers, they can get bigger jobs done quicker than you ever could alone.

They can be held liable: Good cleaning services come with insurance, so if they damage something in your home while cleaning, you should be covered. You may not be covered by your home insurance if you damage your own possessions while cleaning.

A Plan: 
Professional cleaners clean like it's their job...because it is. Time is money for cleaning companies so they get to a point where they have devised the perfect strategy for the most efficient cleaning possible. They won't be distracted like you can be when cleaning at home.

In addition to all these advantages, professional cleaners are just more apt to handle big cleaning jobs like carpet washing than a homeowner could ever be by himself.

Finding good cleaners

After deciding that you do indeed need professional cleaners for your cleaning job, you're going to need to find them. Here are some tips for finding a good company:
  • Look to your friends and family who you can trust for referrals. They will benefit as well if the company gives discounts for giving referrals.
  • Ask for an estimate up front. Reputable cleaning companies will provide estimates based on the type of cleaning you are looking for and some basic information about your house.
  • Ask about insurance. Good cleaning companies have insurance so they can cover the cost of anything they damage while cleaning, as well as paying for the costs of any of their workers getting injured on your property. An uninsured company is a risky proposition.
  • Research the company's policies and see if they perform background checks on their employees.
  • Perform a background check on the company itself. Search their name on the internet and see if they have any certifications or complaints. If you can't find their name listed anywhere, you may be dealing with a totally fraudulent company that is planning to steal from you.
  • Ask about the precise number of employees that will be present in your home. You don't want unaccounted for strangers wandering around your home.
  • Several bigger cleaning service companies, like this one, have their own websites. You can enter your location and desired services and get an estimate from the comfort of your own home

You should now be ready to hire a cleaning company. If you like the job you get done, it is a good idea to refer the cleaner to friends and family for a discount and to use them again, yourself. Using the same company repeatedly will limit the number of strangers in your house and ensure that you and the company have a good relationship.

Once you find the right professional cleaners, you can rest assured that your home will be as clean as possible in a short period of time. If you needed the cleaning done for a home that you just moved in to or out of, then you can spend the saved time on all the other aspects of moving.

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on July 10, 2014 - Moving Expert
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