Tips for Moving Furniture in Difficult Areas

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How to Move Furniture in Difficult Areas

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Is your home filled with low-hanging ceilings, tight doorways, and steep, narrow staircases? Moving cumbersome items like furniture through difficult spaces can be challenging--and even dangerous. If you're worried about how you will get your furniture out of your home safely and without damage, read on for our helpful tips!

Measure first

Before attempting to carry bulky furniture through a tight hallway or down a narrow flight of stairs, you have to make sure it will fit. Measure your furniture as well as the space you are passing through before you begin. Make sure to measure the height and width of the entire space in case your ceiling swoops down at certain points, or the hallway or staircase becomes tighter. This will help you strategize how to properly carry your furniture through the area safely.

Disassemble your furniture

If your furniture can be taken apart, it will make moving it through difficult spaces much easier. Most furniture can be at least partially disassembled, including entertainment centers, TV stands, shelves, bedroom sets and tables. Remove drawers from dressers and shelves from cabinets to make the piece lighter and easier to carry.

Wrap and protect

Wrapping your furniture before your move will protect it from scratches, dents, or other damage while hauling it in and out and hoisting it into a truck. You can effectively wrap your furniture with moving blankets, stretch wrap, and bubble wrap--just remember to avoid placing plastic bubble wrap or stretch wrap directly on the surface of leather or wood. The plastic can melt or trap condensation and ruin the surface. Always use a furniture blanket or paper pad as a barrier when using stretch or bubble wrap.

Ensure your path is clear and safe

Carrying furniture through tight spaces or down steep stairs is already dangerous--any further obstacles could easily spell disaster. Thoroughly check your path for any obstructions, stray objects or other safety hazards like loose or raised boards, protruding nails, or shaky bannisters.

Call your friends

Moving furniture by yourself is close to impossible--especially in difficult-to-maneuver areas. Your view will be obstructed, and most furniture is too heavy and cumbersome to carry by yourself. Call a few of your strongest friends to pitch in with the task--at least one to help you carry the item and another to direct you.

Use moving straps or hand trucks

Moving tools like straps and hand trucks will make moving heavy items easier and put less strain on your back. Moving straps lower the center of gravity for the item, redistribute the weight and make it easier to lift. Hand trucks are vertical, two-wheeled dollies used to transport tall-standing appliances or large furniture items like sofas. Make sure to use extreme caution on stairs with assistance to direct you—especially if the item obstructs your view.

Make a ramp

Some furniture can be moved down the stairs with a makeshift ramp fashioned out of two boards. Slowly slide the item down the boards and carefully back down in between them. Have a friend support the item from the other side and direct your footing. You can also use blankets to slide furniture down short flights of stairs.

Move carefully and slowly

The best way to be safe when carrying furniture through difficult areas is to move very slowly and cautiously. If your view is obstructed, be sure to have a helper with a clear view of your path direct your footing.

Hire professional movers

If your home is particularly tight with a lot of steep stairs, narrow hallways or low ceilings, you may want to considering hiring movers. Leaving this difficult task up to trained professionals will decrease your risk of injury or damage to your furniture and home. Professional movers know the proper methods for lugging your bulkiest belongings--even in the most difficult of areas! Start comparing quotes from movers near you today at with our fast and easy quote form.

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on February 24, 2016 - Moving Expert
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