How to Move Your Motorcycle Safely During Relocation

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How to Move Your Motorcycle

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Motorcycles are a popular way to get around. In recent years, motorcycles have increased in popularity as a smaller, more risky, but usually cheaper alternative to conventional cars. If you are moving somewhere, chances are you are going to want to take your motorcycle. It would not make sense to ride your motorcycle to your destination since you can't really bring any items with you. Moving a motorcycle is much like moving a car, but the smaller size allows for some added flexibility.

Preparing your motorcycle for transport

Just like cars, motorcycles need to be prepared for transport. Unlike cars, it is possible to move your motorcycle yourself without driving it, but you still should follow these steps to ensure your bike the safest possible ride:
  • Empty the gas tank and remove the battery: Unlike cars, there is no reasons for the motorcycle to have any gas or battery in it when it is being moved. It can be rolled or raised into and out of its shipping area without needing its own power. During the turbulence of transit, gas has the potential to spill and even, unlikely as it is, ignite. Batteries also can be damaged by harsh temperatures during transit. 
  • Remove/secure all loose parts: Just like preparing a car for transport, it is important to remove anything that is loose from your motorcycle. These parts can come loose or get lost during the move. Things that can't be removed but may get in the way like the various saddle bags on some bikes can be secured using rope.
  • Clean your motorcycle thoroughly: Just like when shipping cars, it is important to clean your motorcycle in order to aide in identifying any dents or scratches that occurred during the move. If you use a moving company to move your motorcycle, you will have to get inspected.
  • Inspect the motorcycle yourself: Make sure the motorcycle is fully functional before you move it. This is to ensure that if it isn't working after the move that you know that the process of moving is when it got damaged. You want to make sure that the tires are pressurized as well, since you will be rolling the motorcycle around sometimes to load and unload it.
If you choose to invest in a specialty moving company, then you are ready to have your motorcycle shipped after the preparation process is completed. You may have to choose between enclosed or open air transport like you would for a car.

Moving your motorcycle yourself

The big difference between moving motorcycles and moving cars is that bikes' smaller size makes moving them yourself much easier. Here a few a ways you can move a motorcycle by yourself: 
  • Towing it with a trailer hitch: If you have a trailer hitch and a suitably powerful vehicle, you can simply tow your motorcycle to your new home behind whatever bigger vehicle you are using to transport yourself or your belongings. You may need to employ the use of a small makeshift ramp to get the front wheel secured, but for the most part, this is a simple way to move your motorcycle. It does expose it to the elements, though.
  • Renting a moving truck: You could use an enclosed moving truck or open trailer to transport your motorcycle. This is a good option if you don't want to buy a trailer hitch and may have a handful of other items to move with your motorcycle. Be sure to use a wheel chock to secure the front wheel of the motorcycle and then chain up the handlebars to sturdy parts of the truck or trailer. The enclosed moving truck is also a good option if you don't want to expose your motorcycle to the weather.
  • Pickup truck: If you have a pickup truck and some room in the bed, it is feasible to load your motorcycle into it and transport it that way. This is easily your cheapest option for transporting your bike. Be sure to secure the motorcycle with chains and the wheel chock again, as leaving it loose in your pickup bed is a good way to damage it and maybe even have it fall out of the truck during the move.
No matter how you decide to move your motorcycle, you're going to want to keep it safe. Few personal items elicit the passion of their owners quite like motorcycles. When you move to a new home, be sure to take care of your favourite ride.

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on July 7, 2014 - Moving Expert
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