Ideas for Thanking Your Friends for Helping With Your Move

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How to Thank Friends Who Help You Move

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Are you planning an upcoming move? Whether or not you have decided to hire movers, you may be considering asking your friends for a little help with moving tasks. Whether you need assistance packing your belongings, loading a moving truck, or driving your goods to your new home, your pals will likely be happy to help. However, moving is no fun for anyone, so it's important to show your friends how grateful you are--that is, if you'd like to stay friends.

Offer a favour in return

A great way to say thank you to friends that pitch in during your move is to return the favor. Since your friends may not be planning a move of their own any time soon, you could help with a similar task instead. Do any of your friends need help rearranging furniture? Taking on a remodeling project? Even if they aren't undertaking any major jobs, you could offer your services for anything else they might need--babysitting their kids, providing rides, or even cleaning their homes.

Provide refreshments

It goes without saying that if your friends are helping you haul heavy furniture and boxes in and out of your home, you should keep food and drinks on hand. Make sure to have a cooler of cold water or sports drinks so your hard-working crew stays hydrated. It's also generous to keep energy-boosting snacks on hand, like protein or granola bars, to keep your friends going strong until the move is complete. After all the packing, loading, and driving has commenced, reward your friends with pizza and beer--the staple moving meal.

Let them peruse your belongings

Are you getting rid of any unwanted items before you move house? Let your friends get first pick of anything still in good condition--hardly-worn clothes, still-functioning electronics, or any decor items you no longer want may appeal to your helpers. Make sure not to offer them any significantly worn, broken, or borderline unusable items--you may end up insulted rather than appreciative.

Give them cash

If your friends really go the extra mile helping with the move, paying them for their hard work is surely a great way to show gratitude. Do you need help moving a refrigerator? Hoisting a sofa through a window? Do you live on a tenth-floor walk up? If you have an especially strenuous move or if your friends take time off work to help you, you may consider paying them for their services--it will still likely be much less than you would pay professional moving help.

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on May 18, 2016 - Moving Expert
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