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Keeping Your Apartment Warm

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One of the challenges of apartment living is controlling the heating and cooling. Those who live in older apartment buildings may not have access to an individual thermostat or have drafty windows -- whatever the case may be, if you need tips for keeping your apartment warm without necessarily cranking up your thermostat, we've got you covered. 

Cover drafty windows

One reason for a chilly apartment might be drafty windows and doors. If your apartment is located in an older building with outdated windows, they may be letting in a little too much outside air even when they're shut. To combat a drafty window, you should first contact your landlord or building superintendent to see if they can help. The insulation around the window or the weather stripping might need to be replaced and that shouldn't be your job to do.

If the weather stripping around the window is in good condition, but you're still feeling the chill, you can visit your local home improvement store for a simple window insulation sheeting kit. It essentially allows you to stretch-wrap your window to block the cold air from coming inside. The kit takes no more than hour to install (depending on the number of windows) and does a good job of keeping your apartment warm by keeping the cold air out. 

Block as many drafts as possible

We already told you what to do with a drafty window, but you may also be a victim of a drafty door. Draft blockers are the easiest way to eliminate a cool breeze from creeping in under your door. You can make one (or many) yourself for each door in your apartment or you can visit the home improvement store to buy what you need. 

Use area rugs on hard floors

Many apartments have hardwood flooring which is easy to clean and looks nice in a living room, but doesn't feel so nice underfoot during the cold winter months. Investing in a few area rugs will help insulate your apartment and add a bit of warmth throughout. A nice high pile rug in the living room will do wonders for the coziness factor of your apartment in the winter! 

Use the oven more often

When we say to use your oven often, we mean to bake and cook more. It's not safe to use your oven as a heater in the winter by any means! Your oven will often heat up not only your kitchen, but the surrounding rooms as well while you're baking or cooking--why not take advantage of the cooler temperatures and make some cookies to enjoy? There's really no bad part in this scenario--cookies + warm apartment, what's not to like?

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on March 22, 2016 - Moving Expert
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