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Keeping Your Packing Organized

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Packing is one of the messier parts of moving, but you can keep moving day and the packing process leading up to it as organized as possible with these quick and easy to follow tips.

You'll be a packing master in no time!

Collect all your packing supplies

Before you begin packing, organize your packing supplies as much as possible.

Set aside larger items in a separate room that will not get in the way of the things you need for your daily life. A basement, guestroom or other storage area would be a great place for: As you pack, bring along a tote or Tupperware filled with everything you will require.

For organized packing purposes have at the ready:
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • Your inventory

Move room by room

One of the easiest ways to keep your packing organized is by taking the packing one room at a time.

Start with the least important rooms and work your way up to the ones with the items you will need access to in the days before your move.

TIP: Set aside your first night survival kit essentials so you don't accidentally pack them. You're going to want them in the evening.

Pack like items together

Yet another way to ensure organized packing for your move is by packing similar items with each other.

For example, pack all glasses together, books, clothes, cleaning supplies, etc. Not only does it save room in your packing boxes and on packing supplies, but it will make the unpacking process easier as well.

Label all boxes clearly

Labelling all your boxes will assist not only in organization but the speed and efficiency of your movers who will not have to ask which box goes where.
  • Write the name of the room the box is going to in clear, legible writing
  • Fragile items should be marked as such
  • Make sure all sides off the box are labelled, remember, the top of the box will be unreadable when everything is stacked in the moving truck
  • Use different coloured tape to further distinguish which box is going where
  • Pick different coloured markers to write the room names for this same purpose

TIP: In addition to marking the name of the room on your boxes, add a brief description of the contents. Come unpacking time you will know which boxes have to be tackled first.

Use the number system

Once your entire home is packed up by room, give the packing boxes a number to double check that everything gets transported the day of the move.

For example, if your living room belongings are in six boxes label the first box "one of six,” the next "two of six,” etc.

Create an inventory

To pack in an organized fashion you will need to create an inventory list detailing the rooms that are being moved, the number of boxes in each room and what is in these boxes.

You can write this list as you pack or compile it when all the packing is done, travelling from room to room and noting what you packed and what is in which numbered box.

If you colour coded your boxes also annotate your inventory to include which colour stands for which room.

Utilize some moving hacks

Moving hacks certainly come into play when choosing to organize your packing in creative and unique ways.
  • Take a photo of the back of complicated, still hooked up electronics to help you reconfigure the wires in your new home upon arrival later
  • Place all the screws and nails from furniture requiring disassembly into separate, individually labelled bags and keep them in a safe place for reassembly
  • Screws and nails may also be securely taped to the back of the item they belong to if you are not concerned about them getting separated from one another
The more organized your packing is the easier the unpacking process will be! That alone makes keeping organized worth it.

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on June 20, 2014 - Moving Expert
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