Learn How to Make Your Move Less Stressful for Kids

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Making Your Move Less Stressful for Kids

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The moving process can get stressful for everyone, including your children. Do everything in your power to reduce this stress, facilitating the change for every member of your family.

Keep your children involved

Children are only going to feel more stressed out if they are kept on the outside of the moving process. Let them in.
  • Share your plans. Explain the move to your kids as simply as possible. Talk with them about why you're moving, where you're moving to, and how the process is going to work. There's nothing wrong with having a completely honest discussion with your children.
  • Give them attention. Allow your kids to talk about what they're feeling. Let them voice their opinions and concerns. If they reveal what they are stressed about, then you can help reduce that stress as moving day approaches.
  • Let them participate in the packing process. Depending on the age of your children, you might want to let them pack their own boxes. Allow them to label the boxes, and you can even make it fun with colored markers and stickers. By keeping them busy and directly involved, they will have less time to stress out about their fears.
  • Keep them busy on moving day. Similar to their participation in the packing process, you'll want to directly involve your children in moving day activities. While your mind might have a million other things on it, allowing your kids to help pack the car or monitor the professional movers you've hired is a good way to keep them occupied during a stressful time.
Keep your kids comfortable
Your children are leaving the comfort zone of their home for what is possibly the first time in their lives. Help them maintain a sense of security during the moving process.
  • Allow them one box of personal items to bring on the trip. Even if you don't let your children pack all of their own boxes, you can at least let them pack their favorite toys and personal belongings into one box to bring in the car. Having these important items with them during the ride will make them feel much more comfortable with leaving a home they've grown accustomed to over the years.
  • Maintain their routine.  As moving day approaches, try to stick to your daily routine with your children. Eat meals at the same times you usually do, let your kids nap around their normal times. Structure is important to maintain during a stressful time like this.

Stay positive

When we get stressed, we tend to be negative about things. We must take into account the impression this makes on our kids.
  • Be calm. As stressed as you might be, try to stay under control for the sake of your children. Kids -- young ones especially -- pick up very well on the moods of adults, and they respond accordingly. Remember that positivity is contagious.
  • Explore your new home together. Once you've moved into your new home, take it all in together with your children. Experience it as a family by going for a walk around the neighbourhood or fixing up the yard. You can even involve your kids in the decorating process, showing them that you value their input. There aren't many bonding experiences better than personalizing an entire house together as a family.

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on October 23, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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