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Proper Etiquette for Dealing With Your Movers

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Movers are a part of the service industry, so just like waiters, barbers, taxi drivers and delivery men, there are certain rules of etiquette when you are dealing with them that, when followed, will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Your movers are highly knowledgeable professionals who likely have years of experience in the moving and relocation industry under their belts. This means that when it comes to your move and what needs to be done to ensure that everything is taken care of in a timely manner, they are more than qualified to handle the job.

Tipping your movers

As with any member of the service industry whose main goal is to make sure that the customer is satisfied with a job well done, your movers will go the extra mile to make your move as pleasant and stress-free as possible, and so they should be rewarded in turn for their excellent service.

In most circumstances, it is encouraged to tip your movers if they have done a particularly excellent job. The customary amount varies from place to place and depending on the size of the move, but it is usually a good idea to give the same amount to each mover, rather than tipping one lump amount and having them divide it amongst themselves.

Although some companies may be instructed not to accept tips from customers, many others will gladly accept your show of appreciation, and it will go a long way in letting them know that you are grateful for their dedication and hard work in making your move possible.

Helping out your movers

When it comes to helping your movers on moving day, whether it is helping to carry out boxes, helping to load and unload the moving truck or helping to move furniture, the one main rule that usually applies is to make sure you do not get in the way of the movers. It is always great to help out where you are needed and your movers will surely appreciate it, as long as you do not end up making their jobs harder for them by getting in the way when your movers are in the middle of a task.

By getting in their way, you can slow them down or even possibly cause injury; movers typically carry heavy objects in small spaces and one wrong move can spell disaster.

Giving your movers a well-deserved break

Many people choose to give their movers a break either during a moving job or at the end of the day by providing refreshments and snacks to show their appreciation. This is quite common and is often encouraged as a way to let your movers know that you appreciate their hard work.

Your movers will likely need some refreshments throughout the day, as carrying around heavy boxes can be tiring and draining, so it's common courtesy to offer them refreshments such as water, iced tea or lemonade. The simple gesture will be rewarded with good, consistent work.

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on January 15, 2013 - Moving Expert
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