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Moving From a Big City to a Suburb

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Moving from a big city to a smaller surrounding suburb can be a culture shock. But many people see the benefits of having more space for less money, and less traffic. Especially for couples with kids, moving to a quieter town with a slower pace can be appealing. When you're ready to relocate to a smaller town, there are a few things you want to do to prepare yourself for the move.

Pick the right province.

Picking the right place to live can be tricky. When choosing your suburban town, make sure you research multiple options. Find out how far away it is from your job and how isolated it is. You may want to be on the outskirts of a big city, or in a completely rural area.  If you plan to start a family, or have a family already, look into the school district and find out what options there are for kids to make friends. Look at neighborhoods with safety measures in place and community centers. 

Plan your expenses.

Moving to a suburb may seem like a much cheaper way of life, but there are other costs to consider. You will have to furnish your new home and if you buy a detached home, you will have to maintain your own property. Your income taxes will be different depending on the province you choose. You will have a new mortgage and homeowner's insurance to take into account. Make sure these expenses are in your budget before you take the plunge into suburbia.

Get a car.

If you are used to taking public transportation or walking everywhere, it is very likely that this will change in a suburb. Find out the distances you will have to travel for the basics like work, school, and grocery shopping. If there is no public transportation in your town and this distance is not walkable, you will have to get a car.  Include this expense when planning your move. The cost of living in a suburb may be cheaper, but the addition of a car, maintenance and insurance could add unexpected costs.

Go exploring.

Even if your new town doesn't seem as exciting on paper as the big city, it can still have a lot to offer. Take a walk through your neighbourhood. Visit parks and restaurants and ask neighbours to suggest the best ones. Find the "downtown" area--you might have to drive there, but it will give you that city feel on a smaller scale. Test drive your route to work and see what shops you find along the way. You'll quickly find new favourite spots to replace the ones you left in the city.

Accept change.

Moving to a suburb is a big adjustment both inside and outside of your home.  You will have a bigger space to live in and maintain. This could include stairs you are not used to or a new trash and recycling schedule. It could mean hopping in the car every time you need a few groceries or to pick up your kids from school. Embrace these changes and you'll be ready to start your new, quiet life outside the city.

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on May 31, 2016 - Moving Expert
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