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Moving Your Office Space

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There are many reasons why you might want to move your office space. Maybe your company is on the verge of growth, or perhaps it has already grown too fast. Or maybe you're just looking to upgrade your accommodations for current employees and find a fresh spot that will attract new talent. Regardless of the purpose of your move, you can use the helpful tips in this guide to ease the transition from your old workplace to your new one.

As with any type of move, an office relocation can be very stressful. So, you'll want to do the proper amount of planning and preparation to ensure a smooth, successful transition.

Reasons for relocating your office

As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of reasons and explanations for an office move. However, businesses usually cite at least one of the following reasons for seeking a new office location.
  • Improving quality of life for employees
  • Lowering costs, in turn increasing revenue
  • Solving labor and work force issues
  • Reaching new markets and expanding audience
  • Upgrading equipment and/or facilities
When it comes to reducing costs, you will also want to consider your budget. Like any other business decision, an office move can remedy budget problems or create new ones. Take into account the location of your current office and compare it to the new location. How does the cost of living differ from area to area? You will also want to think about what the cost of living means when combined with the location's proximity to your target market. Will an area with a higher cost of living provide you better accessibility to your target, in turn yielding greater potential sales?

After considering everything on the business end of the move, you must also think about your staff. Employees want an office with the right amount of space and technology required to perform their duties efficiently. They look for a welcoming environment, which you'll need to recruit new staff members anyway. Take into account crime rates, climate, recreational activities and education facilities when judging an area based on quality of life.

Make sure it's the right time

Relocating your business is usually a good move, especially when you do it for the right reasons. However, it can be detrimental to the company if you misjudge the timing of the move. Overall, here are some of the major mistakes businesses make when moving their office space:
  • Failing to plan for future expansion
  • Ignoring quality-of-life factors
  • Rushing the decision
  • Underutilizing available resources (finances, time, connections, etc.)
  • Focusing too much on specific costs

Consider all available options

Moving your office space isn't the only way to prepare for expansion. Two effective alternatives include absorbing an adjoining office space and securing a separate facility out of which to conduct your business.

First, taking an adjoining space or another office in the same building can be extremely effective. It is very convenient for current employees, and it is most likely the most inexpensive option on the table. This helps you increase space for staff as well as necessary equipment. You also avoid having to pay for the moving costs and dealing with the paperwork for a change of address. Plus, you already know the landlord, so you may get a good deal on the space.

Opening a satellite location can be beneficial as well. This allows you to divide your business locations based on specific tasks and staff members. Perhaps you conduct the manufacturing and warehousing from one location and conduct the marketing and sales from another. If this option makes the most sense for your business, then it is definitely something worth pursuing.

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on January 29, 2015 - Moving Expert
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