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Reasons to Move to Canada

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Canada is simply a desirable place to live.

Many people all over the world consider Canada as one of the top international moving destinations. Canada is also envied by a large amount of people from similar English speaking countries like the U.S. and Britain. What makes Canada so attractive to people moving internationally?

1. High U.N. recommendations

Every year the United Nations creates a list of the best countries to live in based on their Human Development Index, which factors in a variety of aspects of local living that contribute to quality of life. Canada has been consistently in the top 10 every year from 1994 until 2012. In the 1990s, Canada was routinely at the top spot. 

2. Happy People

Canada was ranked the fifth happiest nation in the world in a recent report called the "Better Life Index." Canadians have a reputation for their good attitudes. The study goes on to say that 80 percent of Canadians have more positive feelings than negative on the average day. Whether or not you consider Canadian politeness a stereotype or not, it is certainly not a bad thing to have associated with your country.

3. Economic resiliency

Canada has not been hit by the recession quite as hard as other developed countries in the world. The unemployment rate in Canada is at 6.8 percent which is the lowest it has been since 1978. Canada's low inflation rate of 2.8 percent and current trend of lowering taxes also bode well for immigrants if they are looking to move based on economic factors. Sales tax is also a meager 5 percent in Canada.

4. Less guns than the U.S.

Recent evens have brought gun control into question in the United States. Many people in the U.S. are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with gun violence and the culture that allows so many guns to be available to average U.S. citizens. Canada has tighter gun laws than the United States, yet it still allows access to weapons for hunting. There have been far less acts of gun violence in Canada than in the U.S.

5. Nature and space

Canada is not nearly as population dense as its fellow English speaking counties Britain and the U.S. There is far more untouched wilderness in Canada and generally more space per person. There are still bustling metropolitan areas in Canada, like Toronto, but you don't need to travel too far from there to find some natural beauty in Canada. Because of this, there is also less pollution in Canada than most developed nations.

6. Free healthcare (that works)

One thing that people in U.S. are consistently envious of Canadians for is their free healthcare. It certainly is one of the biggest differences between the two countries and it is a major expense that is simply different for Canadians. Conservative Americans will argue that the free healthcare is low-rate, but if that were true, wouldn't Canada have a lower life expectancy than the United States? It doesn't. Canada's life expectancy at birth is 81.16 while the United States' expectancy is 78.14 years.

7. Paid holidays and work-life balance

Canada requires employers to have some holidays be paid days off for their workers. That is a truly foreign concept to people living in the United States. Canada ranks high for successful nations in work-life balance with a low percentage of people working over 50 hour weeks.  It is another reason people in the U. S. may want to move to their North American neighbor, but people would gladly immigrate to Canada from other countries based on these statistics, as well.

8.Perfect for disgruntled United States citizens/ a good alternative to the U.S.

Canada is a lot like the United States, but generally more  liberal and less controversial. Wars, the bad reputation, lack of gun laws, the death penalty, or high healthcare costs can all make U.S. citizens simply want to get out of their country. Canada is perfect for them because it doesn't have all these issues, it is geographically near the U.S. and its language and culture is similar enough that it won't be a jarring transition. Additionally, European people who like to emigrate to America can go to Canada to have a slightly more European experience in the New World.

There you have it, eight reasons to live in Canada. Whether you're planning to move to Canada, or already live there and want to convince your out of country friends to join you, this list is for you. Happy Canada Day!

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on June 27, 2014 - Moving Expert
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