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What to Replace After a Move

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Moving is an expensive endeavor and you want to save as much cash as possible on moving day.

Sometimes however there are just some things you should get rid of before a move and replace when you arrive at your new location, whether they require replacing or need to be removed to keep your move as sanitary as possible.

Decide what’s cost effective to move

The cost of your move and the price you are quoted is often dependent on the weight of your items, and/or the time it takes to move everything, so why pack unnecessary furniture and clutter that adds weight and time while moving?

Plus, opting out of moving things is a great excuse to replace anything you’ve been telling yourself you would re-purchase when you finally moved to a new home.

For the most part you can leave behind:
  • Especially cheap furniture that is not worth the cost of moving

  • Broken or damaged furniture

  • Broken or damaged household goods and appliances

  • Any items you had planned on replacing anyway 
TIP: When deciding whether to move an item or not, ask yourself if it is cheaper to move said item or more cost-effective to buy a new one once you have moved. If the answer is the latter, definitely consider leaving that thing behind and rebuy it after your move.

Replace items that should be rebought

The following items are pretty self-explanatory and should be repurchased for health and sanitary reasons – particularly the bathroom items which are easily be replaced by a quick trip to a local store.
  • Expired food and medicine

  • Perishable food items that will not survive the move

  • Shower curtain liners

  • Toilet bowl brushes

  • Plungers

  • Bathmats

  • Broken items

  • Any toothbrushes that have not been replaced in a while

Rebuy anything easily replaceable

To save room in your moving truck or van, some items have the option of being left behind. You can replace these things later during your trip to the store for the aforementioned home goods above.
  • Used indoor and outdoor garbage cans

  • Particularly cheap shelving

  • Hand and kitchen towels that have seen better days

  • Any bath towels that require replacing

  • Sheets, pillowcases, pillows and bedding that deserves an upgrade

  • Window treatments, as you may require additional or alternative ones for your new home

Make sure you stay within budget

If you happened to make a moving budget for yourself – which is a wise thing to do – don’t forget to calculate in the cost of replacing items for your home.

Chances are you will also have to buy completely new items for different areas around your new home anyway, so make sure you take all this into account when putting together a budget for your move.

Toss or donate undesired items

Just as when you declutter your home, when you choose to replace items for a move, you need to decide what to do with the old items.

While you definitely need to throw out or recycle unsanitary and expired items, you have more options for the things you plan replace that others can still get use out of.
  • Donate anything that fits within donation guidelines to local shelters and organisations

  • Give away items to friends, family and neighbours in need

  • Hold a garage sale to make a little extra cash to use toward your move and that budget
By following these simple steps, not only will you be saving money on your move, but now you have an excuse to get rid of the old and replace it with something that will make your new house feel more like your new home.

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on June 18, 2014

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