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Save Money on Your Move

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Moving is expensive, as it typically involves wrapping up your life at one home and starting fresh at another home.

You don't have to resign yourself to the idea of moving being expensive and difficult to manage financially though, as moving can be done without breaking the bank. Prior planning and the willingness to do a lot of work on your own helps you to save money while you move.

Sell or donate your stuff

The total weight of your goods when you move determines the price of the move, so there is no reason to bring along things that you have not used or things that can be replaced easily at your new home.

This strategy not only lightens up your load and saves money, but also makes you some extra money. In the weeks prior to your move:
  • Sort through your things
  • Dispose of things that you no longer need through a garage sale or an online sale
  • Consider donating items that don't sell to charity

TIP: You can also ask for partial refunds on club and gym memberships that you are leaving behind.

Get free boxes

You can save on packing supplies by getting free supplies in your area
  • Free boxes - look at retail stores, recycling centers, Craigslist, your place of work and ask friends and relatives who just moved
  • Tape - borrow a tape dispenser or purchase the cheapest deal on packing tape and other supplies
  • Blanket wrapping - use your own blankets, linens and area rugs for packing rather than renting from the moving or rental company

Do your own packing

One of best ways to save money is by doing things yourself. It is a good idea to start packing weeks prior to moving day instead of hiring the packing services of a moving company.
  • Use the least expensive packing supplies like boxes and newspapers for packing
  • Crumpled newspaper can replace bubble wrap
  • Use your old clothes and towels to pad fragile items
  • Label all boxes clearly so that it will be easy for you to sort through them while you are unpacking

Get multiple quotes

DIY moves are usually the least expensive, but you still need to rent your own moving truck. When finding a truck, solicit at least three quotes from different places and do a quick background check before hiring the company.

This same rule holds good for moving companies. While choosing a moving company, don't base your decision on pricing alone. Check for the moving company's credentials in your area's Better Business Bureau.

Keeping costs down

The time that it takes to load your belongings onto the truck is the basis for moving companies to charge the majority of their money. You can decrease this time by keeping your boxes close to the door and disassembling bed frames and other large furniture ahead of time.

Furthermore, you can make sure your homeowner's insurance policy covers your goods during a move so that you don't have to purchase separate insurance.

Have help on moving day

Try to recruit as many friends and relatives as possible to help you with packing, loading and other miscellaneous activities on moving day. You can always reward them with meals and cold beverages. You should also be willing to return the favour yourself someday.

Move in the off-season

Avoid moving during the peak moving season (May 15 to August 31). The airfare, gas prices and hotel rates are expensive and crowded during these months. Moving services and truck rentals are less expensive during the off-season between the months of September and May.

Look into tax breaks

There is the possibility that you can be reimbursed for some of the money you spend when you are relocating because of a job. Specifically, You may be eligible for deduction of costs associated with moving if your job is located 40km closer to your new home than your old one. On the purchase of a home for the first time, you are also entitled to receive a tax credit.

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on January 15, 2013 - Moving Expert
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