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Telling Friends and Family You’re Moving

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One of the hardest parts of a move - aside from finding movers and performing background checks - is telling your family and friends that you will be leaving them.

Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take in order to soften the impact your moving news may have on them.

Decide who to tell

Decide To TellBefore you even begin to start telling people about your moving plans, you have to decide who needs to be told and when.

Although when it comes to your loved ones the general rule seems to be the sooner the better.
Don't forget to inform:
  • Immediate family members
  • Close friends in the area
  • Close family in the area
  • Respected neighbours
Not everyone needs to know that you will be moving, so no need to rush out and inform your doctor that you will be leaving their network. That's what mail forwarding is for.

Break the news accordingly

Each of your friends and family members are different, so treat each situation as its own unique and individual entity.

When sitting down loved ones to inform them of an upcoming move, do the following:
  • Prepare yourself for how this person will react using everything you already know about them (will they cry, get angry?)
  • Consider if this meeting should be done solo or in a group
  • Imagine how the scenario will play out in your head and practise beforehand
  • Choose a place to tell this person (for example a crier may do better in a more private location)
  • Ease into the news in a way this person will respond to best (slowly, succinctly, etc.)
  • Explain your decision with examples, giving reasons for why you're moving (a job opportunity, a good area to raise kids, etc.)
Impart news as big and life-altering as this in person. If need be, tell your friend or family member about your upcoming move over the phone.

Remember, news of your move should not be revealed through text message or email as that could be considered disrespectful to some.

TIP: The easiest way to tell everyone you're moving may be to do it all at once at a large get together or a family function.

Promise to keep in touch

Another way to lessen the blow of this moving news is to remind the loved one you are speaking with that you plan to keep in touch with and visit them when you're able.
  • Exchange email and physical addresses as well as cell numbers if you do not already have this information
  • Check that you are friends on various social media, the simplest way to keep in contact
  • Set up a schedule for getting in touch (via phone, email, Skype or Google hangout)
  • Make sure the other person knows there will be no hard feelings if things don't remain as they once were

Hold a goodbye party

A goodbye party is the perfect way to bid a fond farewell to the friends, family members and neighbours you will be leaving behind when you move.

Not only is it a great way to tell friends and family how much you will miss them, it's also the perfect time to say goodbye to your old house, which you have lived and created memories in.

It may be harder to say goodbye to your home than you think.

Give out your new address

After or before you have moved (or even during your goodbye party) hand out or mail your new address to friends and family members so they can locate you in the future.
  • Give out cards with your new contact information while meeting up with loved ones to pass along your moving news
  • Mail out postcards before or after your move with your updated info
  • Send out a mass email to all pertinent people in your address book
  • Ensure that this contact info also includes your new landline if you have one
When all else fails, remind your loved ones that they can come visit you (or vice versa) as needed. After all, there's never a bad excuse for a little vacation time.

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on June 18, 2014 - Moving Expert
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