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Tips for Moving During the Fall

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As with any other season, moving during the fall presents its own advantages and challenges. But let's be honest--it's one of the better seasons during which to relocate, especially if you follow these tips.

Consider the pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to moving during any season, and the autumn is no exception. When deciding whether or not to move in the fall, don't forget to think about the good and the bad that will come with your move.
  • Pros of moving in the fall
    • No need to worry about the extreme heat that comes with moving in the summer
    • You don't have to worry about winter weather conditions, either
    • Moving companies are in less demand so rates are cheaper
  • Cons of moving in the fall
    • Your children will have recently started school and may not take kindly to switching during the autumn months
    • There are less daylight hours to complete your move
    • Leaves, leaves everywhere

Be aware of the lack of sunlight

In addition to warm, comforting drinks, cozy sweaters and all things pumpkin, fall also means shortened periods of daylight--which is really only enjoyable when you turn the clocks back an hour.

When timing your move, be aware of when the sun will rise and set so that you can take full advantage of autumn's decreased daylight hours.

Clear all pathways

With autumn's arrival comes the leaves' arrival -- specifically on the ground where people moving all your worldly possessions will be walking. For this reason, make sure you clear all pathways of leaves and any fallen branches or debris. Wet leaves especially need to be cleared away since movers are more prone to slip on them.

Dress appropriately

Wearing the right clothing for your move is crucial, and in the fall months it's all about layers since the weather can range from chilly to sunny to rainy all in the same day.
  • A light jacket is crucial, especially one with a hood since autumn is prone to rain showers
  • Wear things you won't mind removing and placing to the side should the temperature rise
  • As with moving during any other season, don't wear anything you care about
  • Focus your outfit on comfort and function
  • Don't forget a sturdy pair of closed-toed shoes and clean, white socks

Prepare for rain

On the whole, autumn is a wet month, and to protect your belongings (and yourself) from getting damp during the moving process you will want to prepare for rain.
  • Have tarps and blankets on hand to cover your belongings if the rain starts mid-move
  • Protect items from moisture by wrapping them in mover's plastic wrap (especially items which may have difficult drying -- i.e. mattresses)
  • Bring a hat or jacket with a hood to keep your body slightly less damp, both of which can be removed to dry when the rain lessens

Talk to your children

Assuming you have school-aged children, the most difficult task will be talking to them about leaving their current school and preparing them to head to a new one at a crucial time: the beginning of the school year.

To make this as painless as possible:
  • Talk to them in advance about their feelings to assist in the transition process
  • Get them excited about the move rather than focusing on the negatives
  • When possible, take them on a walk-through of their new school to help ease tensions
  • Ask their future teaches if there are ways they can prepare in advance so they're not behind their classmates

Hire your movers

As always, if you don't want to have to worry about the cons that come with moving during the fall, you can always hire professional movers to take away all your moving stress for you. To start the process, fill out this fast and easy quote form to get free estimates from moving companies in your area.

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on September 23, 2014 - Moving Expert
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