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Tips for Moving in the Winter

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Moving is a rough job regardless of the season, but add cold weather and a dash of snow and you have the hardest move imaginable: a winter one. Follow these tips and exercise caution during harsh weather conditions and you might just survive your winter move with your sanity intact.

Consider the pros and cons

As with moving during any temperature, a move in the winter comes with its various advantages and disadvantages. These are a few to take into account:
  • Pros of moving in the winter
    • Fewer people move in the winter so rates are less competitive and more affordable
    • Holiday bonuses means more money to put into your move
    • Your children may be on winter break so they won't miss school
  • Cons of moving in the winter
    • Temperature will range from cold to very cold
    • It may be snowing, sleeting, hailing or windy
    • You may be moving in the midst of the holiday season

Be aware of the weather

There's nothing worse than surprise weather conditions on moving day which could hinder your move, so keep a close eye on weather reports for both your area and the area you will be moving to--as well as the roads you will be travelling on.
  • Watch weather reports on the days leading up to your move, including the day before and the day of
  • Hire a moving company that will be flexible about rescheduling at no additional cost if weather conditions delay your move
    • To prevent extra fees, ask companies about their weather policy before hiring them
  • Be cognizant of the weather in the midst of your move
    • Look out for worsening weather or incoming snow
    • Allows others and yourself to take breaks and warm up inside (thanking movers with hot cocoa and warm cider wouldn't go amiss)
  • While not ideal, be prepared to cancel your move in treacherous conditions--no move is worth your life

Clear away snow

Assuming there's snow on the ground come moving day, the first step before your move will be to clear all driveways, pathways and cars. Don't forget after shoveling to salt the routes your movers will be walking or driving on to prevent any icy slips and falls.

Wear proper clothing

The clothing you wear during your move is extremely important. Not only does it serve to protect you from the elements, but it will also help to complete your move in a more efficient manner.
  • Dress in warm, layered clothing--add and remove these layers as the temperature rises and falls
  • Focus on picking out clothing that is both comfortable and functional
  • Keep your feet protected with sturdy shoes and heavy, clean white socks
  • Gloves can be used both for keeping your hands warm and providing grip for tricky moving tasks

Protect your floors

Moving is a dirty job regardless of the weather, but winter moves are especially dirty affairs. To prevent damage to your floors from slush, dirt and rock salt, lay down plastic sheeting (held in place with tape) in high traffic areas or on light coloured carpets. Stop your movers from slipping by adding cardboard on top of these plastic-covered areas.

Exercise caution

When driving a vehicle--particularly a large moving truck--proper safety should be observed. This is even more important in the winter when roads may be slippery due to ice and/or snow.
  • Clear away any snow, ice or debris off the vehicle before driving
  • Check your fluid levels prior to starting your journey
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and stick to the speed limit
  • Carry salt or sand with you in case the car, truck or van gets stuck
  • Have an emergency kit in your vehicle for break downs stocked with:
    • Jumper cables
    • A tow line
    • Blankets
    • Water bottles
    • Flashlights and batteries
    • A shovel

Hire a moving company

The easiest way to avoid the hassle of a winter move is simply to have someone else do it for you--that's where a professional moving company comes in. To find movers in your territory or district willing to tackle a winter move, fill out our fast and easy quote form.

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on November 14, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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