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Tips for Moving into Your First Home

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Moving is an overwhelming process -- a task that only seems more daunting for first-timers. People who have experienced it before know that there are various ways of reducing this stress. There are plenty of things you can do before, during and after your move to facilitate this process, so we've compiled a list of these tips for moving into your first home.

Before your move

  • Get an inspection. Pay a third-party inspector or contractor to survey the space before you sign anything. This will help identify any renovations and repairs the previous owners have had done, and it will help you understand how they maintained the home. If you're moving into a brand new house, then you'll want to talk with the builder to distinguish what is standard versus what is considered an upgrade.
  • Hire movers. You already have enough stress to deal with, so you can use some help moving the heavy furniture and boxes. Be sure to get an estimate before choosing a moving company, and make sure you avoid getting scammed. There are different types of moving companies you can hire, so do your research and hire the right one for the job.
  • Plan your layout. Before moving into your new home, it's nice to have an idea about where things are going. Once you know the floor plan of the house, draw up a concept of how you want the furniture arranged. Where will you position your couches in the family room or living room? Television sets? Dining room furniture? How will your master bedroom be arranged? These are all questions you'll want to consider.
  • Visit your new neighbourhood. Scout around your new town or development to get a feel for the community. Play detective and show up at different times of the day or week to better understand how the neighbourhood operates. Maybe even take a walk around the block with your dog and converse with neighbours. This should give you a good opportunity to ask the questions on your mind. Don't have a dog? Borrow a friend's.

During your move

  • Supervise your movers. Make sure your furniture ends up in the proper room, and do a run-through with your movers before and after the move is complete. Once the movers leave, you'll have to lift all of the heavy stuff on your own. Also, make note of how careful the movers are in your new home. You don't want them damaging walls, corners or doors.
  • Clean. Then clean again. If you are moving into a brand new home, you might not have a problem with this. However, if you are moving into a home whose previous owners didn't value neatness, then you may have your work cut out for you. Go through the entire house -- bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, kitchen -- and wipe everything down to rid your new home of dust and dirt. Of course, be sure not to prevent the movers from doing their jobs.

After your move

  • Take time to settle in. Delay any major renovations for about six months to a year. You'll probably notice aspects of the house that could use work, perhaps some that even need work. Make a list of these upgrades you'd like to make, but before you follow through with anything, consider your future plans. Factor in children, pets, and other priority-altering possibilities.
  • Meet the neighbours. It's always a good idea to introduce yourself to your new neighbours within a week of moving into your new home. Again, a great way to do this is to simply take a walk around the block and be friendly.

Bonus tip

  • Put money aside for emergencies. You never know what may come up after you're settled in. Be sure to save some money for emergency repairs and renovations because owning a home is unpredictable. You might not want to make major changes right away, but sometimes a repair is necessary in your first few months in the house.

With these moving tips, transitioning into your first home should be a breeze. Learning from your first moving experience will only make you more of an expert for any future moves. Good luck!

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on October 14, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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