What is Moving Labour and How Can it Help You?

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What is Moving Labour?

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Sometimes you need to move your belongings but you don't need to ship them. That is when you may need moving labour. Moving labour can be defined as any physical aspect of moving that doesn't involve the actual shipping of your items. Most moving companies offer moving labour services in lieu of more full-service moving options.

When might you need moving labour and what can you expect from the service? Read on to find out.

Situations when you might use moving labour

Moving labour is sometimes as simple as hiring some able-bodied people to help carry things. You don't need to be relocating to benefit from moving labour. Here are some non-moving situations where you may consider hiring some moving help:
  • Carrying heavy objects within your home, especially up or down stairs
  • Unloading a storage unit
  • Packing things for storage
  • Unpacking things from storage
If you are moving, you still may not need full service movers, just a few people to help pack or carry things. That is what moving labour is for. If you are renting a moving truck or your move is small enough to fit in your own vehicle, moving labour may be cheaper to purchase than spending money on the full shipping cost of full service moving. Moving labour can include:
  • Packing your belongings
  • Loading belongings properly onto a rented truck or vehicle
  • Unloading your belongings at your new home
  • Unpacking your belongings
  • Physically moving your belongings

Hiring moving labour

When you ask for moving labour from a moving company, you normally need to specify what the labour will entail. If you are just looking for some heavy lifting, you will probably pay less than you would for skilled movers who know how to safely pack and load heavy items. 

Some companies will contract out part-time workers to be moving labourers for you. This means that the people who show up to carry your things are not affiliated with the moving company you originally contacted. These workers are much cheaper to hire than professional movers, but there are no work standards for them. Most moving companies will run background checks on hired day workers, but if you want expert moving labour, you may want to opt to spend a little more money and hire the moving company's professional movers instead. 

No matter what type of moving labour you choose, you will be charged hourly for their services. Unlike regular moving that requires shipping, the weight or size of your load does not directly influence the cost of moving labour. However, lager amounts of heavier items will certainly take the movers more time, so heavy loads will still cost you more than lighter ones. 

Advantages of hiring moving labour

  • Price and flexibility. You are only hiring movers for the services that you really need and can't do yourself. That means that you can pick and choose what you want to do and what you want to pay for. Hiring moving labour is cheap compared to full service moving
  • Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Even if you are hiring day labourers, they still will probably have more experience lifting heavy objects than you do. You will save yourself some strain and risk of injury by hiring somebody else to move big items
  • It gives you more time for other things. Moving labour usually could be done by you or your friends. It will take extra time to DIY though, and sometimes it is better to pay to save some time. Labourers will probably be more efficient than you and you can focus on other things while they work on moving.
  • You can get expert packing, loading, or lifting in non-move situations. Moving labour is perfect for times when you aren't moving but could use some heavy lifting, packing, or unloading. You can hire labour to help load or unload a storage unit, move a couch upstairs, or pack your things for storage.

Could you benefit from the services of a moving company without needing to have them transport your belongings? Contact a local mover and ask about what types of moving labour services they offer.

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on September 9, 2014

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