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What Time of Year Should You Move?

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Relocation to a new household can be stressful and overwhelming, and it is a big undertaking. From packing and wrapping up at your present home to preparing for new schools and jobs, homeowners are faced with a lot of responsibilities.

Since planning, organization and the timing of your move are the deciding factors for a smooth transition, there are various factors to consider while selecting the best time to move.

Best time of the year

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing which of the four seasons to move during, like the weather.
  • Summer is the most popular time to move
    • Most people relocate in mid-May through the end of August
    • This is preferable because kids are already out of school
    • However moving companies are busier during this peak season and the moving process will typically be more expensive
  • Winter moves have to factor in special circumstances such as winter weather
    • Items kept overnight in the moving truck under freezing temperatures could be damaged
    • Freezing and thawing experienced while travelling from colder to warmer climates can cause damage to your belongings
  • Spring or late fall is an ideal time for relocation
    • The weather is generally milder which aids you in the process of moving.

Best time of the month

The beginning and end of the month tend to be the busiest times for moving companies. This is because many families want to wrap up their lease at the end of the month and start a fresh one in the first week of the following month.

Explore the option of pro-rated rent that would allow you to pay rent for the number of weeks you have lived there. Usually, the middle weeks of the month are best and most suitable for moving.

Holidays and other considerations

Moving right before major holidays like Christmas are going to be expensive, as moving companies will charge a premium rate because of high demand. It will also be stressful for your loved ones.

Avoid relocation before family events or gatherings, birthdays or anniversaries as they can be taxing for small kids and teenagers. Ample time should be given if you have to relocate before a major holiday so that you can get better acquainted with people and feel a sense of belonging in your new home.

TIP: If you have children in school, then summertime is the best time to relocate as they would have already said their goodbyes to their old friends. At the new location, give your children a couple of weeks to unpack and have time to make some new neighbourhood friends before they begin in a new school.

Ideal time

Spring and late fall is the best time during the year to hire a moving company. Weather during this time will be moderately pleasant without the extremes of hot or icy cold.

Some other things to consider:
  • Avoid moving on weekends as some moving companies charge extra
  • Avoid moving during the last five days in a month as this is when moving companies are in high demand
  • Move children at the end of the school year if you can (although you might not get this option when relocating for work)
  • Try to avoid moving around holidays to limit stress to yourself and loved ones
Overall, when choosing the appropriate time of year to move, make sure you take everything into consideration, from time, to weather, to expenditure incurred.

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on January 15, 2013 - Moving Expert
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