What To Leave in Your Old Home When Moving

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What to Leave Behind During a Move

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When you are moving, you need to make a lot of tough decisions--particularly what things you should actually take with you. Before you move, you should always sell or dispose of items that you won't use, but there are also several household items that you should leave for the new owners of your old house.


Fixtures are anything literally affixed to your home. This includes light fixtures, doorknobs, frames, and shelving. Most home sales include fixtures, so if you were to take your old ones with you, you may have to replace them for your home's new owners. The home you are moving into probably also has all of its fixtures in place, so you probably won't need your old ones.

Replace anything that you do decide to take with you. As a general rule, consider if it would damage the home to remove the item. If it will, then it probably should be considered part of the house.


Plants don't move well. It is almost impossible to move your garden, and I'm sure it was quite a hit during the open house. It is best to leave it behind and have it add value to your home. The same can be said for trees. While it is possible to move a couple individual trees, the process is very expensive and there is no guarantee that the trees will survive.


Birdhouses are a strange item that people put in their yard to be intentionally infested by wildlife. If you have one in your yard, taking it with you when moving is taking the birds' home away from them. That's probably more harmful to the birds than not having a birdhouse at all. Once you build a birdhouse, leave it there. It's part of the property forever.


Above-ground pools could be moved, but it will take the work of expensive specialty movers. It is better to sell the pool along with the house. In-ground pools cannot feasibly be moved. You may find someone who is willing to try, but the price will be outrageous and the result may not be a good one.

Swing-sets/playground equipment

Unless you want to try to move your child's favourite small slide or swing, playground equipment should be left for the new owners of your old home. Most of this equipment is rooted in the ground, so removing it is a difficult process. The large size of the equipment also makes the moving process difficult and expensive. It may be sad to see a childhood play area go, but leaving it for the next family lets the area live on longer than it would for your aging kids.

Most appliances

Choosing what appliances are included with the house and which ones you are taking with you should have been negotiated during your home's sale. Theoretically, you could move all of your appliances to your new home, but that would greatly diminish your home's marketability and value. You also will probably get some appliances included in your new home purchase, so there's no need to bring all of your old ones.

TIP: If you are leaving a certain appliance behind, be sure to leave the accompanying instruction manual, as well.

Moving is also a good time to buy new appliances. This may cost extra money, but a move is a good opportunity to upgrade all aspects of your home life. It will be much easier to get a new dishwasher or washing machine if you do it while moving. You don't need to tolerate that inconsistent washing machine anymore, you're moving and it's time for something new!


Keys to your old home are useless to you once you move. Don't forget to leave the new owners keys to the house and any other locked areas like sheds or the basement. New homeowners are supposed to change the locks in the doors when they buy a new home, but leaving the keys for them makes things easier for them before they get to do that Also, some surveys suggest that 60 percent of people who move into a new home don't actually change the locks. That's probably a bad idea, but it is their decision and offering them all of your keys lets them make it themselves.

Home security equipment/manuals

If you have a home security system installed, it may be good to include that contract in the house's cost. A home security system is designed to work very specifically with the home's layout, so attempting to move a system with you won't work, especially since the security company has your old address registered. You can't really move your old security system to a new home.

The contract and manual for the system are important to leave behind because the new homeowners need to decide if they want to continue using the service. They also need to know how to change the passwords and how the system works.

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on September 2, 2014

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