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What Your Pet Would Say on Moving Day

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It's obvious what you are thinking on moving day, but it's almost impossible to know your pet's reaction to the stressful undertaking. Cats, dogs and other little furry friends convey most of their emotions through nonverbal body language -- like tail-wagging and ear raising -- to show you exactly how they feel.

But what if they could speak like humans, maybe just for one day? Well, here's what we think your pet would say on moving day...

1. "Over here! Look at me!"

Most pets love attention. So while you are preoccupied with the details of your move, your animal is focused on "winning" back your attention. Pets don't care about what you need to do for moving day -- they just want to be loved. Sure, they might be curious what's going on with that box or why you seem so stressed out, but it's just another day for them. You might be sticking to strict schedule today, but for them, now is the perfect time to play outside.

2. "Wait a minute... What is all this?"

Okay, your pet has noticed something is awry. For a creature who normally doesn't notice anything, your adorable little buddy has transformed into a furry Sherlock Holmes. Inspecting boxes one by one, sniffing around for clues -- uh oh! Your pet comes across a box full of his favorite toys and figures out exactly what's happening.

3. "Moving?? Ab-so-lute-ly not."

Your pet knows what happened to Felix, his buddy from around the block. He scurries into the bathroom and positions himself in the corner. You try to tell him, "No! The Wilsons actually did take their dog to a farm because they were moving to an apartment complex that didn't allow pets." But he doesn't believe you. Now that you've lost his trust, you cannot let him out of the bathroom. With the movers loading the truck, your pet is too unpredictable to allow him to roam the house freely.

4. "This bathroom is pretty clean. I should pitch in and make it look like the rest of the house!"

You figured locking your pet in the bathroom would mean less stress for you. You were wrong. He has a change of heart and realizes that maybe moving isn't so bad after all. That being said, your pet doesn't fully understand what moving is or how to go about the process. He rushes to make the bathroom fit in with the rest of the place, creating a mess of toilet paper and tissues. After about an hour, you return to check up on your furry friend. It's the thought that counts, right?

5. "Did this stuff come with directions?"

The movers have left and you've managed to clean up the bathroom. There are only a few more things to pack and load into your vehicle, so you decide to involve your pet in the process, similar to how you would for children. You feel like this will keep your animal busy while you tie up a few loose ends and prepare to leave your home for good. Normally, involving your pet in the moving process isn't the best idea, but your animal isn't like other pets -- HE CAN TALK.

6. "Where does this go again?"

Your pet takes it upon himself to walk through the house one more time before locking the doors. The idea of relocating has grown on him, and he desperately hopes he doesn't end up on a farm like his friend Felix. I don't really like pigs, he thinks. They make silly noises and their tails freak me out.

7. "I don't respond well to change."

Everything's loaded and your pet gets into the car. He's fine until you begin driving and his fears resurface. Where are we headed? This isn't the way to the park. Did we just drive by a farm? Felix! FELIX! How am I going to make new friends in our new place? Noticing how drastically his mood has changed, you allow him to sit in the front seat.

8. "How do you drive with this thing obstructing your vision??"

Now that you've given your pet a job to do, his mood improves. As usual, his intentions are good, but he's kind of getting in your way. You keep your eyes on the road and deal with it because you don't have the heart to tell him to stop. At last, you arrive at your new home.

9. "That's one small step for kitty, one giant leap for kittykind."

Once your pet steps foot (paw?) inside your new place, you can tell he understands why you've moved. You immediately pull out your phone and record the experience to share on Facebook, comparing it to a human landing on another planet for the first time. A single tear slides down your face as you watch your best friend settle into his new digs.

10. "Nap time!"

You think your day was stressful? Think about it from your pet's point of view. He had no idea what was happening when he woke up this morning, and now he has to sleep in a completely new environment. How is he supposed to know what will happen tomorrow? You both need your rest, and tomorrow can be used to get acclimated to your new home.

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on July 16, 2015 - Moving Expert
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