When to Use Certain Packing Materials

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When to Avoid Certain Packing Materials

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When you’re finally ready to move, your first step is to gather  packing materials. These materials will protect and help transport your items. For the most part, most materials you get will be fine for packing. But there are certain materials that will damage your items more than protect them. This guide will help you figure out when to avoid certain packing materials.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are a great way to move all your items. Usually, you can get used boxes for free from friends or your local supermarket. But be careful when using old and used boxes. Used boxes are weaker than new, high-quality boxes. You wouldn’t want to pack your precious items only for them to break because the box gave out. Professional boxes do cost money but then you’ll have satisfaction knowing that your items will be safe. You can also pack items that won’t break, like clothes, in used boxes, so in case it falls apart, nothing will break. 


Newspaper is great for protecting items and adding cushion. But the down side with newspaper is that the ink can rub off and stain your belongings. You can use bubble wrap or clothes to wrap delicate items and cushion them without the fear of ink rubbing off.

Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is a great moving material because it can protect your furniture from scratches. It’s also used to wrap hard-to-pack items like rugs, large furniture, and bed rails. But you have to be careful using shrink wrap with wood or leather furniture. If you wrap leather and wood furniture in just shrink wrap, it will collect condensation under the shrink wrap and cause damage. You should first wrap it with paper padding or furniture pads to allow room to breathe and then wrap using shrink wrap.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is great because it’s a protectant. But with your more delicate items, you should be careful.
  • Glass. If you wrap bubble wrap on a mirror or a glass table top, it can leave unattractive marks on it. Then you’re going to need to clean it before you set it up, which will take time.
  • Wood. Similar to the shrink wrap, bubble wrap can trap condensation in and warp the wood. 
  • Artwork. Like the glass, the bubble wrap can cause marks on your artwork. 
To avoid any damage with bubble wrap, wrap items like glass, wood, and artwork in packing paper or moving blankets first and then use the bubble wrap. 

Hiring professional movers

If you’re afraid of damaging your items by using the wrong packing materials, your best bet is to hire professional movers. Professional movers know the proper procedures and methods for packing items. They are trained and will know the best methods for packing items with the proper packing materials. Your possessions are less likely to be broken or damaged than if you did it yourself. Here at TopMoving.ca, you can fill out a fast and secure quote form and find local movers. When you find ones you like, you can ask them how they pack certain items. 

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on May 27, 2016

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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