Tips for Packing a Dining Table and Chairs

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How to Pack a Dining Room Set

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Packing your dining room is usually a good place to start when moving. Often reserved for special occasions, it's one of the less-commonly used rooms in your home and can be packed up without much disruption to your daily routine. Besides carefully wrapping your delicate china and crystal, you'll also have to prepare your elegant dining room table and chairs to prevent damage during your move. The following tips will help your disassemble, wrap, protect, and load your dining set to ensure it arrives in your new home without a scratch.

Disassembling the set

If you can, it's a good idea to disassemble your dining table and chairs to simplify wrapping, carrying and loading the items into your truck. Tables and chairs have unusual shapes and can be quite difficult to carry, fit through doorways, and efficiently fit onto a moving truck.
  • Unscrew and remove the legs and leaves from your table and wrap each piece individually.
  • If possible, remove the legs from your dining room chairs to make them more space efficient and easier to pack.
  • Keep track of any nuts and bolts you remove--stow them in a plastic bag and tape it to the underside of your table for easy access later when you have to set up the table in your new home.

Wrapping the set

Scratches, chips, dents and other damage is common when hauling heavy, cumbersome furniture out of your home during a move. Using the proper materials and methods for wrapping and packing is imperative to reduce damage to your belongings--especially something with a fragile surface like a dining set.
  • Wrap glass tabletops with moving pads, then bubble wrap. The added protection of these air-filled pockets will prevent delicate glass from scratching or cracking. The furniture pad (paper or fabric) is essential as a barrier to unsightly impressions from the bubbles on the surface of the glass. You can also buy specialty mirror boxes to pack your wrapped table top for added protection.
  • Wrap wooden table tops and leaves in furniture pads and tape securely. Make sure the pad cover the table's edges, corners, and any other area susceptible to abrasion. Never use plastic wrapping (such as stretch wrap or bubble wrap) directly on the wood's surface--it can melt, trap condensation, and damage the wood's finish. You can also purchase protective corners for your table to add an extra shield from nicks and scratches. Applying wax to wood before packing will also help protect the surface.
  • Wrap wooden chair and table legs with furniture pads, bubble wrap or stretch wrap. Be sure to wrap them with paper or blankets before using stretch wrap or bubble wrap to protect the wood from moisture. Do the same for the body of the chair, and wrap any extensions, rails or bars on the chair with bubble wrap for protection. These parts of the chair are most vulnerable to damage.

Loading the set

  • Always carry the table by holding one end and having a helper hold the other. If you removed the legs, turn the table vertically while carrying to pass through narrow hallways and doorways with ease. If not, carry it horizontally to prevent bumping the legs on any walls and breaking them--or causing damage to your home. Never drag a table across the floor--this can leave serious scratches or scuffs on both the table and the floor.
  • Be careful around corners and doorways. Reposition the table to carry it through tight or awkward spaces.
  • If you were able to remove the legs, position the table-top against the truck wall and secure it tightly with bungee cords.
  • If the legs are  attached, stand the table upright or lie it upside down, depending on the available space in your truck. If you have extra space, an upright table may not remain stationary during transit. Consider the weight of items you place on top of the table, or near the table legs if you place the table upside down. Place boxes underneath an upright table to keep it from sliding or shifting during the trip.
  • Always carry chairs from the seat, never by the chair back or legs. Stack chairs on the moving truck by placing one chair upright, and another chair upside down with the seats against one another. If you are able to remove chair legs, you can stack the chairs easily. You may want to secure them with rope or bungee cords to keep them stationary during the move.

Hire movers

The best way to move your dining room set is to let the professionals handle it! Trained movers known the proper procedures for disassembling and loading difficult items like tables and chairs, and will come equipped with the high-quality materials to protect their delicate surfaces from damage. If you'd like to hire a moving company to handle your upcoming relocation, begin by filling out our fast and free quote form today!

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on May 18, 2015 - Moving Expert
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