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How to Pack and Move a Stereo System

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Stereo systems have changed significantly in recent years-you don't see people lugging boom boxes around anymore. Even though personal music devices are getting smaller, home entertainment systems are growing. You still need a physically large stereo system if you want to hear some heavy bass. If you have to move your system, the size, weight, and fragility of a stereo can present a challenge. Here are some tips for safely packing and moving your system.

The box

Like most electronic equipment, the best way to pack and move a stereo is to use the original box and packaging. Not only are these boxes appropriately sized and sturdy, but the packaging usually includes custom-fitted cardboard or foam braces. If you kept this packaging since your stereo purchase, moving it will be much simpler.

If you no longer have the box and packaging, there are a few things you can do:
  • Call the stereo's manufacturer and ask for a new box.
  • Find an appropriately sized box of your own and use additional packing material to cushion and brace the stereo.
  • Have a moving or packing company build a custom box for your stereo.

Preparing the stereo for packing

A stereo system can be complicated--they are rarely in one piece and often have quite a few wires. Preparing the system for moving is important before you begin packing it.
  • Dust the stereo. Packing dirty things will get dust on your hands, clothes, and your new home during the move.
  • Unplug the main power cord first to avoid shocks.
  • If your stereo plays any media, be sure to remove all discs, records, or tapes before you start packing.
  • Unplug what you can and use colour-coded masking tape to keep track of where everything goes.
  • Wrap up all wires and secure them with twist-ties.
  • Wrap irremovable wires around smaller components of the system and/or tape them down.

Packing the stereo system

After cleaning and preparing all components of your stereo, it is time to pack the system.
  • Place small parts in plastic bags and label them.
  • Pack loose cords and wires separately.
  • Make sure heavier parts do not touch each other and have ample bubble wrap, packing paper, or braces keeping them cushioned and secure.
  • Fill in any extra space in the box with packing paper or peanuts. Seal the box with packing tape.
  • You may want to add plastic wrap to the sealed box if there's a chance it will be exposed to rain or other moisture.
  • Label the box as "fragile" and/or "electronics."

Moving and loading the stereo system

Once you have your stereo system secured in various bags and boxes, you need to move it and load it on a moving truck.
  • Make sure you have enough people carrying heavy speakers. Dropping a speaker can easily damage it and just a small dent can alter the sound quality.
  • Keep all of the stereo boxes together on the truck, along with other electronic equipment.
  • Make sure the boxes are secured in the moving truck and don't slide around during transit.
  • Separate cords and bags of small parts can be moved in other containers as long as they are properly labelled.
  • Purchase additional insurance for moving your stereo system. It probably is worth more than 60 cents per pound, which is all you'll get covered under the free insurance.
With a little care and planning, you should be able to easily move your stereo system to your new home. It won't be long until those new walls are feeling the bass.

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on October 8, 2014 - Moving Expert
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