How to Safely Pack and Move Your Mirrors

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How to Pack and Move Mirrors

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Mirrors are fragile. Breaking them can be disastrous whether you are superstitious or not. Moving mirrors can be very scary because you are trying to transport this fragile and expensive item over a long distance. Mirrors are often among the most fragile items that you can move. Follow these tips for packing and moving mirrors to avoid a costly shipment of broken glass and seven years of bad luck.

Supplies you'll need

You'll need the following supplies to pack your mirror:
  • Packing tape
  • Heavy permanent marker
  • Mirror boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap

Packing steps

1. Wrap the mirror- Using the packing paper and/or bubble wrap, wrap the mirror like a present. Lay it in the open, bigger paper and start wrapping it up. If the frame is sturdy, normal packing paper should suffice, but if you feel like the mirror is too fragile, them add bubble wrap to the process. Make sure the paper or bubble wrap is securely covering the entire mirror. You should use packing tape to secure everything, but be sure to avoid getting the adhesive from the tape on your mirror. Those smudges are difficult to clean off. You can label the outside of the wrapping with your marker, even though the mirror is in the box. This is to make it clear which particular mirror is under the wrapping when you are unpacking it.

2. Stuff your mirror box- Mirror boxes are adjustable boxes that usually come in two separate sections. Stuff some packing paper into the corners of both sections before you attempt to put the box on the mirror.

3. Put the box on your mirror- You are actually putting the box on the mirror more so than putting the mirror in the box. The mirror should be wrapped and the two sections of the box should be stuffed before you do this. Slide the sections over the mirror and secure everything using packing tape. If your mirror is too big, you may need to use more pieces of mirror boxes. Remember to pack the paper into each added box section. Don't skimp on the tape once everything is in place. The less movement inside the box, the better, so make sure everything is stuffed and tightly secured before sealing the box.

4. Label the box- Mirrors are fragile items. Even if you did a wonderful job packing them, they need to be labelled as such. You wouldn't want a mirror box to be thrown around. Use a thick permanent marker to label the mirror box as "fragile." If it is hard to see the marker on the cardboard, you may want to invest in some packing labels. The white background of labels should ensure that the mirror's "fragile" warning is seen by movers. It may seem obvious that the marked up mirror box contains a mirror, but redundancy is never a bad thing when trying to keep your items safe. Room destination and particular item information can also be written on the box or on labels for increased legibility. Mirror boxes usually have areas where you can fill out this information.

To save space, you may want to pack multiple mirrors in the same box. If you do this, be sure to put a layer of bubble wrap and/or packing paper between each mirror. It is doubly important to secure the boxes and make sure there is no movement to cause the mirrors to slam into each other. Otherwise, the packing procedure is the same.

Any similarly-shaped fragile items, like picture frames, can be packed the same way. If it is glass and has a frame, this is the way to wrap and move it safely.

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on July 7, 2014 - Moving Expert
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