Tips for Moving and Storing Your Comic Book Collection

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How to Pack Comic Books

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Comic book collections can take a great deal of time and money to cultivate, so it's important to be vigilant when moving and storing your valuable items. Read on for helpful tips to carefully prepare and ship your comics for your move.

How to prepare your comics for moving and storage

  • Bag and board all of your comics. If you want your comic books to stay in good condition, you should have them bagged and boarded prior to purchase, which costs about 25 cents extra. If your books are not currently bagged and boarded, purchase backing boards and plastic sleeves to store your books. The backing boards prevent any wear and tear on the corners and spines. Place the comic on the glossy side of the backing board for storage less than five years. If you will store your books for a longer period, you'll need special backing boards.
  • Store your comics upright. Keeping your comics upright will decrease risk of bending or folding, or causing the spine to "roll." Many comic book collectors suggest purchasing a long box to ensure your comics are upright.
  • Store your comics away from light and extreme temperatures. Keep your comic books away from direct light sources that cause fading, and avoid extreme temperatures or humidity that could cause mold or warping. 

  • Handle your comic books carefully. Always make sure your hands are washed or wear gloves when handling your comic books. Oils from your hands can be damaging to the pages.

Packing your comic books

  • Stack them. Divide your comic books in half, and have the covers of each half facing each other, with boards facing outwards. Put each stack of comic books into a separate bag (they should each be individually bagged and boarded already). Tape the bag shut around the comics, making it as air tight as possible.
  • Reinforce with cardboard. Cut out two pieces of cardboard, slightly larger than the stack of comics, to be placed on the top and bottom of the comic book stack. Tape the cardboard sheets to the stack of comics.
  • Insulate your packing box. Use packing peanuts or balled up newsprint/packing paper to line the bottom of your box. Slide the comic book stack inside the box. Fill any remaining empty space of the box with packing material to make sure the stack of comics cannot move around inside the box.

  • Seal the box securely. Using packing tape, tape the lid of the box securely closed. Label your box "FRAGILE" to ensure your movers handle it with care (or consider transporting the comics yourself in your own vehicle--especially if they are extremely valuable).

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on March 30, 2016 - Moving Expert
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