Things That Are Not Allowed in a Rental

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Things You Can't Do in a Rental

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While your freedom will vary depending on your rental, there are often many restrictions and regulations to follow when renting an apartment. It's important to discuss the terms of your lease with your landlord before signing so you are well aware of what is permitted in your apartment, but the following are very common things that you can't do in your apartment.


One of the most common no-no's when renting an apartment is illegal subletting. Most leases prohibit subletting, but landlords will sometimes allow it you give permission and allow him or her to approve the subtenant. Permitting an unknown sublet to live in your rental without your landlord's knowledge is a sure way to break your lease and face possible eviction.

Major renovations

While you should be able to make certain alterations to your rental--such as painting, changing light fixtures, or putting up artwork or shelving--many major changes are not allowed in apartments. You probably won't be permitted to knock down walls, rip up floors, or alter wiring or plumbing. If you would like to make renovations to your rental, ask the landlord or property manager before signing your lease what's permitted and what's not. If you have anything specific planned, you may want to get it in writing that your desired renovations are permissible,


While this rule will vary from building to building, many landlords no longer permit smoking inside your unit. Since secondhand smoke is considered a health hazard, landlords can cite the potential dangers to other tenants when prohibiting smoking inside your unit--in addition to fire hazards, fire insurance costs, and repair costs. Excessive smoking can also damage an apartment's appearance--causing walls to yellow, or creating a foul odour. If you are a smoker, you will have to discuss the smoking policy with your landlord, but no-smoking rules are becoming much more common in apartments.

Own certain pets

Even if your rental permits pets, there will be restrictions on the types of animals you are permitted to own. Some landlords may permit cats, but not dogs. Others may allow dogs, but will have breed or size restrictions. Most complexes will not allow exotic animals, or will prohibit specific species--such as pot-bellied pigs, snakes, or rodents. Always be sure to be clear and upfront about your pets when negotiating the lease to be sure what you may or may not have in your rental.

Make noise

After certain hours, that is. Most rental have noise policies that are implemented after a certain hour (usually 10 p.m.) to keep the peace in the building. Loud parties, music, and other excessive noise into the wee hours of the night will not be accepted when renting an apartment.

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on March 9, 2016 - Moving Expert
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