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Moving Tips & Guides
Moving into an Apartment ...
Moving into an apartment building with shared hallways can be difficult enough, but add in stairs that you have to move your belongings up and down and things get even trickier. Here's how to tackle them effectively.
Safety on Moving Day
This guide will provide some tips on how to stay safe on moving day and how to practice safe methods for packing, lifting, loading, and moving that will ensure that the move doesn’t take a turn for the dangerous.
Bathroom Cleaning Tips
The bathroom is the room you'd like to forget on cleaning day. but unfortunately it's the one that needs the most attention. Bacteria are everywhere and it is important to eliminate germs and mold that could be growing to keep your family healthy.

Recent Moving Reviews
Difficult made easy
Centennial Moving Systems
Centennial took the time to hear my concerns and assured me that my furniture and possessions would be taken care of. On moving day Centennial was on time and treated my possessions like they were their own. They were able to move the most difficult pieces with ease! The staff were outgoing and friendly and took the time to make sure our things were properly secured and packaged. I would recommend Centennial to anyone and will definitely use them for any future moves.
Review by : Pattrick
Posted on : 10/3/2019
Avoid - this is a scam
Auto Rail Forwarders
Let me begin by stating that is been one year since Auto Rail was paid to ship my vehicle and I'm fly up to pick it up myself next week to get it, as well as paying for import a second time, since Auto Rail failed to ship across the border within the 30-day timeline from US Customs the first time around. If you use Auto Rail, you can expect your vehicle to sit for months in storage (that you will be billed for) until it develops a dead battery or flat tire. One of my many mistakes was also to not winterize the vehicle in June, so when the vehicle still had not shipped in December, the diesel not have congealed in the lines. My other mistake was to not pull all of the fuses except for the starter, which caused the battery to go dead and bad after months in storage. This added another battery replacement and service fee tack on from Auto Rail, which I again had to pay for a battery replacement in April of the next year because the vehicle still had not shipped and the congealed fuel in the lines had not been address. Oh, and don't forget you will still have to pay storage fees for the next couple of month's while Auto Rail fails to ship your vehicle. This was the case until Auto Rail illegally dumped my vehicle at a Canadian Toyota dealership, without notifying the dealer, who serviced the vehicle at my request and found that the battery Auto Rail "replaced" was bad and the injectors were clogged with crap from sitting. This is a scam.
Review by : Shane
Posted on : 6/15/2016
North York Moving & Storage
They lost their BBB accreditation and I now know why. They took a substantial deposit and then cancelled our move VERY last minute - leaving us with only 48 hours to organize a new mover! If this wasn't bad enough, they were impossible to reach (they have call display, I learned after borrowing a friend's phone it was # they had been avoiding). I had to chase them down for days and threaten legal action before they finally agreed to return my money. I learned from a number of people afterwards that this is their MO. They take a huge deposit..via bank transfer - no credit cards. SKETCHY. I feel stupid for not being suspicious. They then cancel last-minute and completely drop off the face of the Earth. They make it impossible to even get in touch to get your money back in the hopes you will just write it off as lost cash. PLEASE save yourself a nightmare and avoid at all costs. They are scammers and thieves. The worst part is I never heard a shred of remorse or even an apology through all of this. Horrible.. horrible people, horrible business (if you can even call it that). I am SO grateful to Able Moving
Review by : Alanna
Posted on : 10/29/2013

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