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Moving Tips & Guides
20 Feelings You Have on ...
These are some of the most common thoughts people have on moving day.
How to Avoid Moving Next to ...
Noisy neighbours can make a seemingly good property much less desirable. When choosing a home to move into, how can you avoid moving next to noisy neighbours?
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Recent Moving Reviews
I had a fabulous experience with ...
Metropolitan Movers
It was absolutely fantastic, they were great. The whole thing took place out of one house and into another in three hours. I appreciated their efficiency, their carefulness. They were very careful with my fragile objects and they helped me set up my TV after because it was too heavy for me to lift. So it was just all around, they were very good. Couple little scratches here and there but that was it. They took care of everything. Everything just flowed very nicely.
Review by : Holly
Posted on : 8/27/2014
Terrible Moving Company- DO NOT USE
BlueStar Van Lines
Organized a move a month a head of time with 2 drop offs. Movers were 4 days late, and we had to move all of our things into a storage unit. They agreed to pay. We weighed our materials as they were loaded into the unit. The weight of the items as told to us 20 days later after the pick up date was 700 lbs over our weight. A reweigh at any one of the many free weigh scales across Canada costs 300 dollars (and could easily be falsified for the second time I believe). A manager at the company said it was "normal" for the weight to be increased, as this would account for the weight of the "moving blankets." I said I didn't want to pay for the weight of the moving blankets and he said that that didn't make sense and wasn't how things worked. The movers and the company told us it would take 7-10 days for the items to arrive at their destination. It has now been 29 days. The items that were supposed to be dropped off in Vancouver have not been dropped off there, as I was informed by a company contracted by BlueStar that they had no idea that anything was supposed to be unloaded, and it had been mixed in with the other goods. The manager will not return our phone calls. I would like to discuss the option of a rebate on services due to the inconvenience, as when the movers arrive, I must pay them an approved amount before they unload the truck. If I do not agree to pay whatever they pay on deliver I do not get my items.
Review by : Laura
Posted on : 5/22/2014
Not a nice person to deal with
Mikes Delivery
In my brief dealings with the owner of this company I found him to be rude, sexist, arrogant and distinctly lacking in the integrity department. As far as his actual services go i have heard nothing great or terrible. I believe manners maketh the man and if he doesn't deal with people in general ( regardless of them being clients, sales people or other business owners) in a professional and contructive manner then why would he care about service in general? I will never deal with him, and I would never recommend anyone else to.
Review by : Sara
Posted on : 1/11/2013

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