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Dorm Room Essentials for Your University Move

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In order to avoid cluttering your already small dorm room on move-in day and beyond, it's important to buy and pack only the essentials you will need for university life, being sure to steer clear of non-essential and restricted items.

How to choose essentials

Not as vital for your survival, but similar to food and shelter, you can easily choose which items in your life are essential by deciding which ones you will not be able to live without (metaphorically speaking) after your temporary move away from home.

Below you will find everything you cannot afford to forget when packing for your university move, keeping in mind that what constitutes as essential items varies from person to person and university dorm to university dorm.

Common dorm room essentials

  • A laptop - chances are you will not want to rely on the computer lab to get your classwork done, take advantage of dorm and campus wi-fi by bringing along your laptop which will serve you both for classes and in your down time
  • Study and homework materials - don't forget, you're going to university to learn, so make sure you pack notebooks, pencils, pens and anything else you will need to get your classwork and studying done
  • Noise-cancelling headphones - unfortunately, dorms are not the quietest places on earth and when you need to hunker down and get your work done these will come in handy
  • Shower shoes, towels and a shower caddy - since you will most likely be sharing a bathroom (hence the term 'communal bathroom') you are going to want to invest in shower shoes to protect your feet, some nice fluffy towels and a shower caddy to transport your shower necessities in
  • Proper bedding - to make your dorm feel more like home -- and less depressing -- buy comfortable and proper bedding for your university provided bed and don't skimp on a mattress topper and pillows
  • Kitchen supplies - the dining hall isn't open 24/7, so pack at least one set of dishes, some snacks and a water pitcher with a built-in filter to keep you hydrated at all times
  • Clothing, hangers and a laundry basket - just because your mom won't be doing your laundry doesn't mean you should give up on being a functioning member of society
  • Toiletries and personal medication - don't neglect yourself while away at school by studying hard and partying harder, make sure to take care of your body, and yes, this includes your own personal hygiene
  • Storage solutions - invest in various storage solutions to save space in your university dorm, like under-the-bed boxes or stackable crates
  • Posters, photos and other decorations - to make you feel more comfortable and less stressed while away at school, bring decorations to liven your room up, including photographs of your loved ones should you start feeling homesick
  • Power strips and extension cords - because these will definitely not be provided by the university
  • Cleaning supplies - finally, do not forget to pack cleaning supplies as you will be in charge of keeping your dorm in a semi-liveable state, remember, the university will check up on your cleanliness with inspections to ensure you are living in a healthy environment
Stick to these essential items and you will make university move-in day less complicated and less stressful. Trust us, your moving budget and your dormmate will thank you.

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on June 24, 2014 - Moving Expert
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