What to Do During Your Move Into a Dorm Room

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During Your Dorm Move To-Do List

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It's time to go to school. That means it's time to move into a dorm if you are living on campus at university. Hopefully, you have fully prepared for your dorm move, so you should have everything packed and ready. Now you need to know what to do during your dorm move-in day. Use the tips in the following list to help you during this hectic moving time.

Find a ride and helpers

You probably won't be allowed to keep a car on campus, so you need someone to drive you to the university. Hopefully you can also enlist some friends and family to help you unpack when you get to the school. It will take you a long time to unload and unpack by yourself if you don't have movers to help you. Having moving help is the best option for a smooth dorm move-in day.

Bring a hard copy of your school's move-in day itinerary

The process of moving in hundreds, if not thousands, of inexperienced renters can be complicated. Universities have strict timelines and designated areas to coordinate this madness on move-in day. You will be given a lot of information and guidance on where to go, who to talk to, and what to do. Bring that information with you on moving day to eliminate unnecessary confusion.

Bring your ID and some cash

You will need your ID to sign in and enter your dorm, so don't pack it. You may have already received a student ID card, so have that ready for check-in, as well. Cash is necessary because after you finally move in, chances are you have no groceries. Unless you have a meal plan at the dining hall already set up, you may need to eat out the first few nights in your dorm.

Be sure to park in a designated unloaded area

The chaos on move-in day leads to most universities policing where and when you can park vehicles and unload. Consult the information the school provided you to find the appropriate area for unloading based on your dorm building.

Unload the heaviest items first

The heaviest items should be moved first because you will be less tired while moving them, and they can withstand smaller items placed on top of them as you continue unpacking. It is also easier to place big items where they belong without other items in the way.

Have a pre-drawn floor plan to consult

Hopefully, you have an idea of your dorm's dimensions before moving in, so you should have a floor plan prepared before move-in day. Consult this floor plan and make sure you follow it while unloading and unpacking.

Pick up anything you have shipped to your school

If you decided to ship some of your belongings to the school, you'll need to get them shortly after you arrive, especially if you need them for your first night. Be sure to find the designated area for picking up shipments on the campus.

Unload everything before you unpack

Your ride will probably not be allowed to linger too long wherever he or she is parked. The friends and family helping you probably don't want to linger at your school for too long, either. One of the first things you and your roommate should decide is designating separate unloading zones for each of you where you can temporarily leave all of your boxed belongings during the unloading process. If your roommate is not there, try to keep all of your belongings in one area.

If your friends and family are lingering, get them out of there!

I know, it's hard to say goodbye, but now's not the time. Dorm rooms are small and there's at least two people's furniture being moved in. Extra people hanging out in your room will only make things more difficult for everybody. Get them out of there so you and your roommate can start setting up and negotiating where things will go without the interference of parents, siblings, or friends.

Figure out the precise layout of the room with your roommate during unpacking

You and your roommate should have corresponded before the move, but plans can change when you are both physically in your new living space. Iron out any wrinkles in your plans for where everyone's belongings will be as you unpack. Setting ground rules and expectations about personal items and personal space start with the unpacking process. Be firm but fair and make a good first impression.

Clean up boxes and other moving mess ASAP

If you just moved into your dorm, chances are it's a mess, but classes haven't started yet. Don't put off cleaning up the open boxes and ripped paper that is scattered in your dorm. You will be much busier shortly and will regret giving yourself more cleaning to do when you have homework to do as well. Your roommate may also start to resent you if you appear too lazy from the outset of your cohabitation.

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on August 25, 2014

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